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    Your BEST Noserider Right Now

    What is your BEST NOSERIDER right now, the one you get the most tip time on? Please include LENGTH of board. Thanks, tarheel
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    Surftechs that you really like

    I am definitely aware that most people in here do not care for Surftechs and I did not either until I purchased one. I have to say I really like my 9'3 Tak In the Pink. I would like to know what other models do people have that they really like. Thanks, Tarheel
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    Local Shapers vs. Big Names

    I have a great relationship and great boards from my local shaper that I am happy with. I find though that I get caught up in the glassing, color, who is riding what end of things. Seems to me the shape is what its all about not how pretty but admit I am guilty of wanting what I see in...