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  1. MrZoydWeelr

    Alex Knost BMT 9’ Bonzer 3 - sold

    Dropping jammer price to 800
  2. MrZoydWeelr

    Alex Knost BMT 9’ Bonzer 3 - sold

  3. MrZoydWeelr

    Longboard finds - not deals
  4. MrZoydWeelr

    Longboard finds - not deals

    Prince Kuhio -
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  6. MrZoydWeelr

    7’4” Owl Chapman Surfboards Hawaii Minigun

    Thinking maybe some ob sf jammers might dig - It’s been chilling in the sidelines for too long and I’m not feeling like hoarding it Shaped by owl - glassed by jack reeves - for Darrick doerner 7’4”X18.5x3 Flat to slight single concave to vee before fin then vee out the back Check out the...
  7. MrZoydWeelr

    WTB: CRIME Glider 11'1 or 12'1

    Grab yourself a Frye fin and glide onnnn
  8. MrZoydWeelr

    FS/FT Alex Knost Swallowtail single fin

    What’s the size of the tailblock on that puppy? From tip to tip of the swallow? Any bottom contours going on?
  9. MrZoydWeelr

    Surf helmets and surf-related TBI

    I have a gath neo hat - incredibly comfy and helped me get my confidence back after a gnarly swallowtail to the head - wore it all the time in New Zealand - they are designed to help with laceration types of injuries - not sure about severe TBI situations
  10. MrZoydWeelr

    Craigslist Deals of The Week (SoCal)

    can confirm - one of the best longboards ive ever surfed
  11. MrZoydWeelr

    WTB: Ryan Burch Glider

    Anybody else dream of this thread every couple months?
  12. MrZoydWeelr

    Fs: SOLD JH Fish Simmons 7’10” - 800 obo

    Glass on bamboo fins from 101 - small pressure on the deck nose and small ding on rail - see pics 7’10” X 22 X 2 7/8 Knifey rails
  13. MrZoydWeelr

    FS: Alex Knost Disco Bonzer 7’0 - $850

    Awesome rig!! Somebody gonna be stoked
  14. MrZoydWeelr

    Edge board size recommendations

    This + Serena edge allllllll conditions
  15. MrZoydWeelr

    Found- Hail Mary, Full of Grace -: 6'- 8' MOTE Channeled Twin or Similar

    Message Kirk / sometimes a board comes over from Oz and looses its customer - this happened to me a couple years ago and I scored on the spot
  16. MrZoydWeelr

    Interested in a Pendoflex board 7’ and up?

    5'4" rubber duckie owner reporting in - i like where you are going with this @Howeezey