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  1. jdo2

    Liddle pathfinder

    I have a 10'ter but havent found its spot yet. I agree with Shady that not below waist and not a lot above head high. Best session that I have had was probably at hollow low tide Perran on fast and long shoulder high peelers. It generates a lot of speed if there is a push and needs room to turn...
  2. jdo2

    Hilbers Stoke

    Vee Bee
  3. jdo2


    Short is 8 Long is 10 All are hulls
  4. jdo2

    Hilbers Stoke

    Ah yes, me too now, thanks
  5. jdo2

    Hilbers Stoke

    Veterano, subtle curves and so clean - perfect Dims? Is that fin a 10" PHD? Did BJ surf with RH in US, at which breaks, when? How was your collaboration? The board is so refined - speed and grace Congratulations, beautiful!
  6. jdo2

    Hilbers Stoke

    Russel Hughes must have been the inspiration for Brian’s Ant. The Ant, Sos and in some ways the L-Spoon are related designs: they have similar rocker, rail and bottom but from what I know the Ant has extra subtle stuff planted into it! Cool to compare these with Hughes’ highly refined...
  7. jdo2

    Hilbers Stoke

    8’6 Super Smoothy Old one that I’m determined to copy
  8. jdo2

    Hilbers Stoke

  9. jdo2

    Hilbers Stoke

    9’1 Ant bottom up
  10. jdo2

    Power Glide?

    Where do you place it? I ride a GG Stage IV an inch from front of the box on a hull.
  11. jdo2

    Shaper thread (show us what you are shaping)

    Thanks I used a 9’8 Y for this 8’6 hull
  12. jdo2

    Shaper thread (show us what you are shaping)

    Hey Wes, which blank did you use?
  13. jdo2

    Andreini Stoke

    looks fun, like a Liddle Pathfinder
  14. jdo2

    Arrow, not archer.

    Short board revolution filmed by Witzig- Nat Young, Lynch, Hughes…MP at Kirra in MOE. Greenough launching off Coupe de Ville at Santa Rosa or at Hollister with PG. Perfect Malibu and Rincon, La Barre… Yater, Dora, Liddle & Crew… Out alone with an >8’ hull on a bright clean lined-up day, my dog...
  15. jdo2

    Back foot orientated hulls

    Don’t know if it is legal evidence but check out Ellis Ericson’s work with edge board hulls on Instagram,
  16. jdo2

    Small Hulls

    Hi Bruce, this comes to mind:
  17. jdo2

    Andreini Stoke

    I’ll try, The epoxy is weightless, the poly is based on Marc’s favourite Vaqs from the 70’s so it’s thicker and quite heavy. They both fly on a clean wave of course but the epoxy loves a lined up peeler: it is fast and so light that it seems to disappear underfoot! the poly is a joy to push into...
  18. jdo2

    Andreini Stoke

    Shed Sledz's film is cool. I really enjoyed seeing the old board glide and Marc shaping the new one. It seems right to celebrate Marc's work and good to give thanks for his generosity and expertise. Clearly the boards come alive on a good wave but it also takes time to dial them in and surf...
  19. jdo2

    Fast Trim

    Ditto: 8’ LDL Variation-GL 8’ LDL Bojo-Anderson 8’7 LDL Super Smoothy-Hilbers 8’6 Speed Shape-Self (photo) 9’ LDL Super Smoothy-Anderson 10’ LDL Pathfinder-Andreini
  20. jdo2

    Bummed on Vaquero

    No need to feel bummed. Greg Liddle wrote this piece to explain what we should expect from riding a ‘hull’ and where we should seek to ride one 10 years ago in response to peoples’ dissatisfaction with his own designs at that time. Marc’s boards share many formal characteristics with Liddle’s...