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    6'2 Stringerless Larry Mabile Mini Simmons EPS Twin Keel

    Sweet board! I'm interested as well. Attempted to send you a PM. I think it went through.
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    FS: 7-0 Pavel Rocketfish - $160

    This is a cool board in need of some work. Nice high aspect Gephardt keels and unique custom color work. The board has delam over half the deck. There are also soft spots on each rail where you would hold to duck dive. Open ding on nose and a couple minor cracks elsewhere. Some small...
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    WTB 'Long' Fish 6'8 - 7'ish

    Cool, will do. Give me a day or two...
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    WTB 'Long' Fish 6'8 - 7'ish

    I've got a 7' Pavel rocketfish. Geppy keels. Its got bad delam but I will let it go cheap if you happen to like projects. Photos from better days