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  1. little AL


    Can anyone give me information on this board? It's a 3 stringer with the center stringer a Tband. The two outside stringers have black glue ups as does the center stringer the center also has 2 black glue up offset 3 3/4 inch. It has S. D. . 285 on one stringer and - Duke- on the other side...
  2. little AL

    RIP SanO weeking

    Well guys I missed the first SanO weekend but I think I just went to the last one. There was maybe 8 guys fr the forum at the beaches in SoCal. Only 4 that I know of that were at sano at the same time. We had a good run at it I can't remember just how many we had. Maybe 5 or. 6? I have made...
  3. little AL

    need information from everyone

    I would like each one of you to PM me with your nose rider or your favorite logs dimensions, and your age. I'm going to put together a spread sheet and a graph showing float to age, if you what you can also state if the board has a concave nose or not and I will do a graph on person size versos...
  4. little AL


    I was watching a movie that my wife picked up for me the other night. Its called Riding Giants. They were talking about the day that the guys first paddeled out at Wiamia Bay, most of the names I new but I did not know that Bing was one of the guys to make the paddle out that first day. Man that...
  5. little AL

    Custom shaped boards

    I have heard that some shapers are going to China and are going to train craftman over there to shape surfboards. If this is correct you could be getting a surfboard custom made by people that have never seen the ocean.