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    Was it blue?
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    Congrats!! That looks awesome. I think we ordered our boards around the same time. Hopefully he calls me soon to pick up my new AO.
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    Watched Bruce Brown's "Surfing Hollow Days" last night - some thoughts

    I love watching those old surf movies!! It’s amazing that the progression of our sport/culture is so well documented. I have so much respect for the pioneers of surfing. Not just the famous guys but also the local everyday surfers who got in the water in the middle of winter in sub par surf...
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    Suggestions for a 9' Longboard for California beach breaks?

    That Banana at the Boardsource looks awesome.
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    what are people listening to today?

    91X Resurrection Sunday playlist on Spotify.
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    What board have you got coming..?

    Sorry….. this reply is super late. My boards at the Glasser right now. I opted for the 3 fin and bumped the size up to 6’2. Hoping to get it soon.
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    Ruptured Distal Bicep Tendon

    I tore mine a little over a year ago. It was misdiagnosed in the ER the day it happened. Then I went to see my PCM who ordered an ultra sound. That referral was messed up and needed to be resubmitted. Once it was approved it took a month to get it done. At that point they diagnosed me with a...
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    2 bonzers for sale

    What are the rest of the MLV dims? Thanks!!
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    Christenson factory sale

    I got there around 8:30. Took an hour to get in. There were 56 people in front of me. All but a couple longboards were gone. There were a bunch of small fish and short boards. I was really after a Lane Splitter. They had about 5 left, 900 bucks for a LS with color and pinstripes. None of what...
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    What board have you got coming..?

    6’0 Bonzer Alpha Omega. Will be a three fin instead of a twin.
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    I got to visit my dad today. He’s one week post heart transplant. He’s talking about being back in the water in a year. Just thought of surfing with my dad and kids all together again makes me happy!
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    Futures Fin Quad Set for Trade

    I have an excellent condition Futures Stretch quad fin set I would like trade for a FCS2 quad set. I’m looking for medium fins preferably a set of reactors but would consider others. The Stretch fins are in excellent condition (conditions so nice I had to say it twice). Maybe used 5 times, no...
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    Tell me about the Veterano special!
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    It's usually the archer, not the arrow

    I think about this some times. When I was a kid growing up surfing in the late 80s and early 90s. My friends and I all had one board quivers. We never kept our old boards, they got traded or sold. We surfed every possible day we could regardless of conditions. We had no problem deciding what...
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    He told me the wait would be 8-12 weeks. Not too bad considering what it was a year ago.
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    I had a great conversation with Malcom today and discussed board options. We landed on a Alpha Omega. I wanted something with a pulled in nose and light vehicle bottom. He said he can do it as a three fin if I wanted that instead of a twin. I know that doesn't stay true to the AO roots but it...
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    Great thread. I was all set to order a 6'6 speed egg but now I am considering something different . Possibly an Octafish or MLV. For those that ride those models how are you sizing them? I am 5'9 and 170 pounds. I am old but still in shape. I surf mostly NC San Diego Beach breaks. Which of those...
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    Mitsven “B Tail”

    I picked mine up used. It’s 6’4 and I’m surfing it as a thruster. Will switch it to a quad soon. At 170 pounds it’s a touch on the big side for me. The rails are weird, really thinned out and it feels like they have a slight chime.