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  1. icecreamheadache

    Carbon Compact’d Brom Fish

    Took ‘er out for the maiden voyage today in tricky chest high combo swell at one of those hollow beachies you see in Dane Reynolds movies. Thing rides identically to the other two 5’10” Broms I have, albeit with a bit more glide due to the extra weight. The board is still squirty and loose and...
  2. icecreamheadache

    Carbon Compact’d Brom Fish

    Different vibes but if I am not mistaken, both are part of the greater Kingdom of Delicious Pizza…
  3. icecreamheadache

    Carbon Compact’d Brom Fish

    I sent Carbon Compacts an Instagram message asking if it was possible. They responded a few weeks later saying they could “treat” any EPS blank and that the “treatment” with glassing, resin tint, bag and hardware would be $900. I asked Brom if he was interested and he leapt at the idea. He...
  4. icecreamheadache

    Carbon Compact’d Brom Fish

    After a couple of months wait, this just arrived: Bi-sected 5’10” Steve Brom fish. Those Carbon Compact folks in NYC were fantastic to work with and did a bang up job putting this shaped blank to work. I had an old 9’6” Harbour banana handshape that had been Pope-bisected 20 years ago and can...
  5. icecreamheadache

    Ruptured Distal Bicep Tendon

    I blew mine three and a half years ago moving a dehumidifier (one hand slipped off, the other stayed on and thump! There went my bicep). I was 43 and doc recommended I not get surgery ‘cuz I was old and the bicep is an overrated muscle that does much of nothing aside from pronation (or some...
  6. icecreamheadache

    Anyone seen that new LogRap movie?

    It’s playing at TopaTopa tonite in Ventura and wondering if it’s worth a squiz…
  7. icecreamheadache

    Shipping/flying with a shaped, unglassed blank

    I ended up going to Fiberglass Hawai’i and asked em what to do. Bloke looked at me like I was an idiot (a look I get a lot being something of a dumbass) and said, “It’s easy. Wrap it in a bunch of bubble wrap and put it in this $22 surfboard shipping box then drop it at UPS. We do it all the...
  8. icecreamheadache

    Hybrid vehicle thoughts?

    Thanks for the info! That’s a lot that woulda taken my dumb ass like four years to figure out!
  9. icecreamheadache

    Hybrid vehicle thoughts?

    The one thing I noticed after five days of driving a Prius is this almost visceral desire to drive slow to maximize fuel efficiency whilst in the passing lane. It’s the damndest thing…
  10. icecreamheadache

    Hybrid vehicle thoughts?

    Prices are nuckin futs. I paid $20k for one with 120k miles on it that looked new and had been dealer maintained since new. It was highway robbery. No dealers in Ventura or Oxnard had any new hybrids (gotta leave a deposit and they’ll put you on “the list” for when they come in, though no one...
  11. icecreamheadache

    Hybrid vehicle thoughts?

    Thanks for the feedback y’all! I ended up pulling the trigger on a 2015 Prius. After looking at Honda CRVs and the Toyota Rav4s, the Prius’ smaller storage area was outweighed by its fuel economy and fact I could get a super clean used one. Appreciate the thoughts!
  12. icecreamheadache

    Hybrid vehicle thoughts?

    G'morning! The days of my driving E350s all over everywhere are coming to an end. Any of yous driving hybrids? If so, any thoughts on the best models for MPG/cargo space plus warranty, driveability and the like? All thoughts, opinions and hearsay will be much appreciated.
  13. icecreamheadache


    Second that. My 3 fin MLV is a go to for waist to head high beachies in marginal to good conditions and works really good on the slopier reefs. It catches anything, goes fast, turns good and can handle a bit of texture on the wave face. I've had a grip of Bonzers and this shape really excels in...
  14. icecreamheadache

    Shipping/flying with a shaped, unglassed blank

    This is EXACTLY why we come to this watering hole! Thanks for the ideas! Looks like shipping is the way but based on what I saw working for UPS (“OOOPS”) in DelMar in the early oughts that’s also out. Anyone got a car they need driven cross country? Cute rich friend with a private jet? Big...
  15. icecreamheadache

    I’ve been eating A bag of dicks on my mini Simmons. Any tips?

    I had a 5’6” (I think) Zamora mini-simi. S deck, belly, lil’ ass keels… the works. It took a second to get the hang of but I loved the thing, especially on lil’ ass waves. Thing only got weird when you forgot to finesse it or tried to weight that back foot too much. The lack of a tail to push...
  16. icecreamheadache

    Shipping/flying with a shaped, unglassed blank

    Question for you smarties- Any recommendations on the best way to ship a shaped, unglassed blank from SoCal to NYC? Aside from a shit ton of bubblewrap? Brom made me a sled I’m gonna have “treated” by Carbon Compact in New York. I’m not sure if I should wrap the f out of it in bubble wrap and...
  17. icecreamheadache

    Barbados, what’s the scoop?

    Good luck to your kid! So rad you get to take them around the world!
  18. icecreamheadache

    Torn meniscus experience anyone?

    If so, how bad did it interfere with your surfing? Recovery time? Surgery? Going in for the MRIs tomorrow for what my doc says is almost certainly a torn meniscus.
  19. icecreamheadache

    Surf + Family Vehicle

    Minivans are kind of the shit unless you need to tow something or have macho insecurity issues. Good combination of inside storage, passenger seating and decent gas mileage. I had an old Ford Aerostar I lived in for a year and drove back and forth from Oregon to Cabo like 30 times. When that...
  20. icecreamheadache

    Bonzers (and Greek Mini) at Ventura Surf Shop

    I kinda thought it was doing a wee service to local small businesses to help keep money moving through their shops. I get the wanting to keep a lil’ something for yourself thing but don’t see how posting a few boards from a shop is somehow “ironically” helping the foil/tesla/condo hordes. Things...