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  1. unforgiven

    Happy Holloween
  2. unforgiven

    Austin Stubby 7'8" $600

    My wife is selling her Austin. *One repaired ding (green patch/don't laugh,I was just trying something different) *A couple dime size surface dings(not in need of repair). * some very thin light stress cracks,only on the inlay cloth part...not noticble unless you look super close. * Board is in...
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    Austin for sale

    Great condition...great deal Selling for a buddy board is in R.I. Near Matunik 9' X 24"...3 1/4 $650...or Best offer 401 644 9466 Pete
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    new pig

    Sold most of my boards and surfed very little the last couple years due to neck problems.I have recently had a major turnaround and am surfing again... Problem... only board i kept was a super waterlogged 10ft G&S......Solution...i bumped into an old friend...told him my story...and he said he...
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    Nineplus wetsuits

    I usually wear XL wetsuits.Ordered these online and they are pretty tight for me.I am 5'10" 200.They would be good for someone 175-190.Retail is $225 and $150 I only surfed with then 3 or 4 times...they are in new shape.You can use them together or apart.I can email pictures...but I can not post...
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    THE LIST...probably not complete...but its a start

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    Ladies and gentlemen....start your engines.

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    Global Surf Industries

    Global Surf Industries...perfecting the crappy noseriding board.
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    Austin STD

    The Austin S.T.D. finally made it up to Maine. My wife didn't have room on her car so a N.J. friend of ours brought it up. Attached files
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    hawaiian lifeguards

    hawaiian lifeguards practicing a little reverse race discrimination and turning their back at pipe so a couple bros can pound a kid. somebody beats my son like that and lifgaurds dont stop it ...things would get real interisting...