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    Futures Fin Quad Set for Trade

    I have an excellent condition Futures Stretch quad fin set I would like trade for a FCS2 quad set. I’m looking for medium fins preferably a set of reactors but would consider others. The Stretch fins are in excellent condition (conditions so nice I had to say it twice). Maybe used 5 times, no...
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    Mitsven “B Tail”

    Does anyone have any experience with the Mitsven B tail? If so I would love to hear your thoughts. I picked up one on the used market and am really digging it.
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    “Waterman” the New Movie About the Duke

    Saw this movie a couple days ago and really enjoyed. Anybody else seen it? If so what are your thoughts on it?
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    Garage Sale Score/Restoration Candidate

    This wasn’t a recent score but years ago I was driving home to my house in IB and saw a several shortboards at a garage sale. It was the typical small beat up board for too much money situation. I asked if the lady running the sale she had any longboards. She took me in the garage and pointed to...
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    Need Spherical Revolver Fin Suggestions

    I got my hands on a 7’6 Harbour Spherical Revolver over the weekend. After one session I can tell this board will be super fun! The person I bought it from had a 9.0 Harbour HP fin on it. I intend to pick up smaller Harbour SR fin next time I’m in Seal Beach. Until then does anyone have a...
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    Ordering a Gary Hanel

    I have a 6'11 Hanel tear drop that I really enjoy riding but I want to add something a little different. I am thinking an egg in the 6'6 range, possibly a Bonzer 5 set up. I would like to talk to GH to get his thoughts and order a board from him. I am having a hard time finding his contact info...
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    **Sold** Testing the waters 8’6 Swallow Tail Quad

    Testing the for sales waters for this 8’6 Swallow tail Quad I picked up last October. This was shaped by a local shaper named Rick March. I bought it directly from him. See the photo with the dims. This surfboard has all the bells and whistles, gloss, pin lines, color, T band stringer, glass...