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    did leashes change the game?

    DT wrote: A few years ago I was inside at Second Peak on a head high day paddling out when a guy who prided himself on going leash-less got dumped on a close out and his board started tumbling in the soup my direction. I rolled off my board so I could duck under it if I needed to, but...
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    custom ordering a board

    I've done eleven custom boards with the same local shaper. The first was when I was struggling as a newbie after buying two shop boards and he made all the right decisions to make a board that got me to the next level much faster. As my surfing progressed, he was great to work with to...
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    Fins and fin theory for noseriding?

    Benny wrote: I'll have to say I have become a convert but it happened as kind of a mistake. I have been drawn to performance boards because I liked the sense of acceleration when you are pumping the board or working up and downs to get down the line speed. The only time I would get on the...
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    The weight

    little AL wrote: Some people took a few words in my first post a long way. I wasn't dis'ing trim surfing but was making a point that there as other surfing styles that focus in turning where lower weight is an important factor in the board design. Of the three boards I surf most, one is...
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    The weight

    gaucho wrote: Wrong. There are a lot of things that effect what makes a board turn, but mass is a big deal. Rotational inertia is the resistance by an object to turning similar to inertia being the resistance to accelerate or decelerate in a straight line. It proportional to the mass of the...
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    The weight

    gaucho wrote: In good waves some people just like to turn more than go in a straight line.....
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    What Mid-Length do you ride?

    If I had to drop down to two boards, I would keep my 10' single fin log and my 8'10" EPS thruster hybrid. The 8'10" is particular great for chest high and above, hollow, sectiony walls where you need a lot of speed and accelleration to stay in front of the wave. It is a late drop board which...
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    Why do some folks skip waxing the nose?

    richard tator wrote: This blows me away. If the guy said to go screw yourself or kicked your ass, you had it coming. There is probably no place that has a higher quality line up than SC east side. In the fifteen years I've surfed there I have NEVER seen anyone pull a stunt like that...
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    Surftechs that you really like

    little AL wrote: When you look at most of the posts on this topic and related ones, it seems like people's primary values fall into three camps. There are those like poser who seem to place most value on some "higher" cause beyond surfing and measure things that way. There are those who...
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    Mega discount surfboards

    johnxyz wrote: Skeeter, We must have posted about the same time. This was what I had a problem with.
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    Mega discount surfboards

    What it the point of flaming this guy???? This forum is about hearing what people have to say, not discouraging them from saying it.
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    new guy needs advice

    I would agree that I have only had one ding from a leashless board, and the rest that were inflicted by people were from people with leashes. It is fresh in my mind because it happened within the the last month. It was on the weekend, shoulder high surf, and a lot of people in the water. I...
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    Training for Surfing

    When I haven't gotten out in a while, I use the total gym like BOSS, laying on my belly and doing breast strokes. I set the tilt angle so I can do about 50 reps before getting tired, and do five or six sets. It's the closest thing I have found to actual paddling to excercise the right muscle...
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    What do you think when you see a woman in the lineup?

    From my experience in Santa Cruz, it depends on the break. At a beginner break like Cowell's or an intermediate break like 38th, women tend to just add to the "feel good" about everybody being there and having a good time. At Second Peak they tend to create extremes. If they rock, and there...
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    What's in your quiver?

    10'- Pearson Miske Model 10'- Pearson custom (log) 10'- Pearson custom (big wave board) 9'- Pearson custom hybrid All are thrusters. The Miske is my majic board because it knows where to go without me thinking about anything. It has the least float and isn't so great in slop or a crowded...