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  1. shadydave

    WTB Lovelace 7.75” fin

    A friend just picked up an 8’ Haley Pin seeing if anybody has some fins for it. I possibly have single fins I could trade or purchase outright. Thanks for any help.
  2. shadydave

    Flowmaster question and Long Haley Pin discussion.

    So I rode my 10’-2” flowmaster for the first time yesterday in lined up waist high waves with strong offshore winds. I did not get that WOW feeling and think my Pathfinder and the mid 9’ Haley pins I have ridden felt better. I look at the flow master and feel like it will really turn on in...
  3. shadydave

    Ding repairs, I need to ask.

    Can somebody or several people please enlighten me on why when you ding your board you don’t fix or get it fixed immediately ? What’s with the freakin tape? :rolleyes:
  4. shadydave

    Anderson Flowmaster fin recommendation.

    So Zippy’s Flowmaster will be coming my way I’m curious what you past or present owners are using. I’ve done some research and not surprisingly the fin selections have been all over the place. Thank you for any insight.
  5. shadydave

    WTB Tribute (Roy Sanchez) Dreadnought 10’ to 10’-6”

    Would love to find one on the east coast if anybody is holding. I know of one up here in New England but he’s not giving it up.
  6. shadydave

    WTT 10’-6” Liddle Pathfinder

    I am considering trading my 10’-6” Pathfinder for another one in the 10’ range. Preferably in the northeast. It’s had a few professionally done repairs most notably next to the stringer in the pic. The big circle is just removed wax. Not interested in selling
  7. shadydave

    2 free winter suits ( for somebody in need please)

    Doing some closet cleaning and have a couple older winter suits, I don’t believe they leak or I would have tossed them. No visible tears. Both size XL 1) xcel comp x 5.5/4.5 2) O’Neill psycho tech 5.5/4 Local pick up unless I’m headed your way or available at the swap. I WOULD REALLY...
  8. shadydave

    New England BOARD SWAP Saturday 4/23

    Let’s give this a try and maybe it could be the beginning of an annual event of swapping story and boards. Saturday 4/23 9 to 1 Ayer MA 01432 (DM for address) Please no dogs as ours is a little shy (sorry) If I missed anything add it to the thread and be sure to tell your friends. I will...
  9. shadydave

    Sold! 1996 9’-4” Frye TC model

    Would like to consider trading this TC model for quality longboard/boards new or vintage. The board is in very good condition with a couple old repairs that were just cleaned up. A few pressures on the bottom and some heelies on the deck. The board was damaged in shipping when new and had a nose...
  10. shadydave

    (Suspend)7” bonzer fin preferably blue

    The search has been suspended after receiving excellent intel from you know who. :)
  11. shadydave

    ISO shipping box in Southern CA

    Looking for a box to fit a couple of custom s 10’-2” and 9’ boards, apparently there are none in So CA :rolleyes: thanks in advance;)
  12. shadydave

    WTB Klaus Jones flex fin

    Looking for a 9.5” or larger KJ flex fin like the 9” pictured. Willing to trade or purchase.
  13. shadydave

    ISO Phd fin - found one

    Looking for 9.75 or 10” Phd fin will purchase or have several fins available for trade.
  14. shadydave

    11’-2” Liddle pathfinder SOLD!

    11’-2” x 23 3/4” x 3 1/4” (approx) pathfinder opaque yellow with painted fin and bag. Has a few heelies, small depression on bottom and a tiny chip I had repaired. Sold!
  15. shadydave

    1968 G&S hot curl square tail for sale ($850) or trade

    9’-4” hot curl water tight and ready for the water comes with G&S hy-pro waveset fin. Resin work is original to the board as well. Asking $850 but will consider serious offers. I thought I would entertain trades as well. If you have questions or would like more pics just let me know. Preferable...
  16. shadydave

    ISO Yater template waveset fin

    Looking for an original Yater template waveset like the one pictured. I have other wavesets, newer fins or cash for trade.
  17. shadydave

    ISO Kris Hall daily cup/ jazz pin

    Ok so I’m a bit bored and as usual it creates wants. I happened to see and feel a daily cup last weekend and I must say it appeared to be everything in a board that I like. I’m curious if anybody in the northeast is holding either of these models. Wouldn’t mind opening the thread up for ride...
  18. shadydave

    Greenough 9.7” high speed FS

    Excellent condition with no nicks,scrapes,scuffs. $60 shipped.
  19. shadydave

    Manhattan Beach area assistance.

    Looking to see if anybody in that area might be able to lend a hand? Thanks in advance. :)
  20. shadydave

    WTB 8.5” GL flex or Frye fin.

    Would like to find a 8.5” GL narrow base flex fin or a 8.5” Frye or both. Any help is appreciated thanks!