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  1. weberrider

    Size of the clean up set Socal?

    I was out at the north end of Camp Pendleton and got clobbered by a couple of sets. Surf seemed to be a solid 3'-5'. Those clean ups looked really big but I figured it was more me just being in the wrong spot at the wrong time that made them look big. They sure looked like 10'-0 faces at the...
  2. weberrider

    To the mods

    This is not an airport. You do not have to announce your departure.
  3. weberrider

    Current ride/preferred car brand?

    Not sure what years you are looking at but these things are bullet proof. My old Ranger never broke down
  4. weberrider

    Current ride/preferred car brand?

    I am on my third Outback. Fits 3 longboards inside (9'-0, 9'-6 and a 10'-0). I usually take two boards but three will fit. If I have a passenger (almost never), I can put them on the roof rack. The first two had a little over 200,000 miles on them with no issues. Current is at 117,000 miles...
  5. weberrider

    Kick out

  6. weberrider

    2 stringray stabs 15 seconds appart!!!

    All 5 of my stings were at Bolsa after they opened up the jetty. Surfed there for 25 years without a hit. I got tired of it and have surfed almost exclusively at trails for the last 10 years with no stings (so far).
  7. weberrider

    2 stringray stabs 15 seconds appart!!!

    I have been stung 5 times in 40 years. I start paddling as soon as my fin is not dragging and do not touch the sand again until I am leaving and those little bastards still find me. Terrible pain. Kind of like an abscessed tooth.
  8. weberrider

    Board stands

    A little background on Boardraxx. They are made by a friend of mine (Edgar) who is a long time Huntington Beach resident and surfer. We both worked in metal fabrication as Ironworkers. After he retired, he came up with Boardraxx and has been making them in his little steel shop / garage ever...
  9. weberrider

    Your single favorite fin...

    I love this one
  10. weberrider

    First surf vehicle/first car

    I still have it.
  11. weberrider

    Interests besides surfing revisited

    Hiking and backpacking in the Eastern Sierra near Mammoth. I also golf and have a Corvette that I like to play with.
  12. weberrider

    Winter Tales

    I retired in September and have been surfing 4-5 times per week ever since. Really fun waves all winter. Last week I cut my finger at home. 5 stitches. Surfed the next day because the waves were 3-5 and clean. Finger got infected. Minor surgery. Out of the water for two weeks. :rolleyes:
  13. weberrider

    Shaper prejudice

    I don't care about anybody's personal business (politics, religion, sex, etc) as long as they don't try to push it on me. If they try to make me think the way do (in person or any social media), I am moving on. I don't care if their views are similar to mine or the exact opposite. People who try...
  14. weberrider

    Your single favorite fin...

    Not the best fin but it is my favorite fin
  15. weberrider

    Surf Journals

    Swell direction, wave height, tide and how the waves were that day. Swell direction is the biggest factor for me. If the conditions were good, I look for that same direction and jump on it when I see it. Never lets me down.
  16. weberrider

    Junior Seau

  17. weberrider

    Post Surf Meal?

    Chesters Hot Fries and Coke Zero from the gas station at Ortega Hwy and the 5 Northbound. Easy off and on. 15 minutes from Trail 6. Part of the surf ritual for me.
  18. weberrider

    Now on Hulu: The Ultimate Surfer

    Such a lame show. I made it 10 minutes in before I bailed out. The Bachelor with surf boards.
  19. weberrider

    Stewart Longboards

    I had 2 Stewarts about 15 years ago and both of them snapped. The only boards I have broken in 40 years. I always heard about light glassing. I do know they both had pressure dents all over the deck after the first wax change. Also a first for me so I never bought another Stewart. Great surf...