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  1. icecreamheadache

    Carbon Compact’d Brom Fish

    After a couple of months wait, this just arrived: Bi-sected 5’10” Steve Brom fish. Those Carbon Compact folks in NYC were fantastic to work with and did a bang up job putting this shaped blank to work. I had an old 9’6” Harbour banana handshape that had been Pope-bisected 20 years ago and can...
  2. icecreamheadache

    Anyone seen that new LogRap movie?

    It’s playing at TopaTopa tonite in Ventura and wondering if it’s worth a squiz…
  3. icecreamheadache

    Hybrid vehicle thoughts?

    G'morning! The days of my driving E350s all over everywhere are coming to an end. Any of yous driving hybrids? If so, any thoughts on the best models for MPG/cargo space plus warranty, driveability and the like? All thoughts, opinions and hearsay will be much appreciated.
  4. icecreamheadache

    Shipping/flying with a shaped, unglassed blank

    Question for you smarties- Any recommendations on the best way to ship a shaped, unglassed blank from SoCal to NYC? Aside from a shit ton of bubblewrap? Brom made me a sled I’m gonna have “treated” by Carbon Compact in New York. I’m not sure if I should wrap the f out of it in bubble wrap and...
  5. icecreamheadache

    Torn meniscus experience anyone?

    If so, how bad did it interfere with your surfing? Recovery time? Surgery? Going in for the MRIs tomorrow for what my doc says is almost certainly a torn meniscus.
  6. icecreamheadache

    Bonzers (and Greek Mini) at Ventura Surf Shop

    Went in to pick up a bar o wax so I could pick up my farm box and maybe have a pint at Topa Topa whilst parked in one of the Ventura Surf Shop parking spots. Almost walked out with a pair o’ Bonzers and a Greek. 6’5” x 19.78” x 2 9/16” Bonzer 5 with glass ons. Even the big fin. Pearly white...
  7. icecreamheadache

    Anyone making custom boardbags in SoCal anymore?

    Anyone got leads on anyone making custom boardbags in these dark, post- Moonlight days? Cheers in advance!
  8. icecreamheadache

    Good sleds at Wavefront in Ventura now... 9'3" Davenport 4060 and 7'8" Fowler

    Just swung by to pick up a box of wax and Randy (Pointsurfer on here?) has a siiiiiiiick 9'3" Davenport 4065 that looks new for $795 and a real beefy 7'8" Fowler that looks fun as. Can't remember the price of the Fowler but it was low enough to be a not regrettable impulse buy 'cuz I kept...
  9. icecreamheadache

    Ventura Surfshop deals…

    Nope. Don’t work there. Just made the mistake of going in there after a coupla pints of this deliciously stupid 10% IPA from across the parking lot and have this to report since I’m skint and have too many sleds already: 9’6” Tyler Riddler in gorgeous shape. $1300 10’ Bing SilverSpoon. Gd...
  10. icecreamheadache

    Boardtrain: Ventura to Bay Area?

    Anyone headed to the Bay via Ventura? Buddy has a 5’6” mini-simmi and 7’ gun needing a ride up since the puddle jumper she flew in on won’t hold boards. Gas, grass and beers on offer. Cheers!
  11. icecreamheadache

    Favorite islands in the Caribbean?

    Howdy! With Africa, Europe and Asia mostly shut down to American'ts, I'm looking for some Northern winter surf/dive trips in the Caribbean. Any favorites? Any places you'd avoid like the plague? Got my eyeballs on Barbados (the thread about that place was great), Dominican Republic, Anguilla...
  12. icecreamheadache

    Thanks to Longboard Master

    For keeping this thing going. I've been on this thingy for 16 years and holy cats have I met a lot of nice people, experienced wonderful hospitality all over the globe and learned a lot about longboards. Super cool of them to keep this thing up with the odd little community it supports. Now that...
  13. icecreamheadache

    Anyone wanna house/dog/chicken sit in Ventura 21 November to 1 December?

    If anyone's looking for a free vacation in Ventura, our housesitter just cancelled and we're looking for someone to stay in our house (7 blocks from C Street surfbreaks, 7 blocks from downtown, 15 minutes from Rincon) from Sunday 21 November to 1 December. We have a super sweet, super cuddly...
  14. icecreamheadache

    Any of yous in the 805 down for lobster diving?

    Any of yous in the 805 (or beyond if you don’t mind some time on the road) game for lobster diving? Season starts the 6th and my crew has been horrifically decimated by parenting, prison, overdose (lost the second buddy this year to Fentanyl laced cocaine. You gotta watch that shit if you ain’t...
  15. icecreamheadache

    The Azores... ever been there?

    I've got some airline credits about to expire and am fixing to meet some pals in the Azores... even though we frankly don't know much about the place aside from it looks boss on Google Earth (which my shrink politely suggests I stay off of because I have the same relationship with it many men my...
  16. icecreamheadache

    Heavy water loggin’… do ya do it? Faves that do?

    My grampa once told my ol’ man that dabbling ducks breathed through their butts which was how they dabbled so long in the wildrice stands in Minnesota when they were freezing their asses off waiting to poach Canaduh Geeses as they flew past on their way to Florida. It would be nearly three...
  17. icecreamheadache

    Informal Ventura Jamboard logjam?

    Any of you folk in Ventura interested in an informal hangout one of these weekends at some B list spot? Put some faces to names, maybe try out some new sleds and have a beer or two over a socially distant taquiza? Following all appropriate CDC guidelines of course ‘cuz ain’t no taco worth...
  18. icecreamheadache

    D Peto/Unhinged Surfboards... got one?

    Hola friends- Any of yous got/or ridden one of Dane Peterson’s logs? If not, got any hearsay, gossip or other info on ‘em? I’ve been digging what I see online and am curious...
  19. icecreamheadache

    The Rules... when and from where did they appear?

    A question for you old timers and/or surf historians. Do any of you know when and from where the “rules” of surfing appeared? Things like who has right of way, who has priority, not bringing more than one person with you when you travel, not dropping in, if you show up at a boat-in spot where...
  20. icecreamheadache

    Free 7’6” Wilken ‘70s era downrail

    Beat to shit. One open ding in nose, no fin or box. Best lam ever. I rode it a couple of times back before the ding and when it had a fin and like every other board of the era I have ridden that was over 6’, came away being thankful for modern surfboard design... yours for the taking in Ventura...