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    PM’d !
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    Sold - thanks everyone
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    Greenough 4a alternatives

    I tried a 9.5 PHD in my gato heroi playboy which is a 9’2. It went well, gave a very loose ball bearing type feel. Especially fun in beach breaks. Preferred a bit more hold so switched it out for a slightly bigger but similar style fin that I’m running now.
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    Sorry Gato, Thomas, and Big Red all sold
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    All sold thanks
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    Crème Playdate feedback

    Playboy definitely has a similar outline to the keeper but no concave on the playboy - it’s belly to v soft 50/50 rails throughout If I were to compare it to a Thomas model I would say high pro or hariot - I’ve only looked online though and not in person. Thomas has some amazing looking boards...
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    Crème Playdate feedback

    I have a Gato Playboy that I love - my understanding is the playdate is a “toned down” version of the playboy. My playboy is 9’2 and goes great in reef and beach breaks - goes better with a little push. Very responsive, knifey rails, very good feedback and subtle ankle movements get the best...
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    Burch Squit vs Cuttlefish

    Had a squit fish a few years back - loved the concave deck. He packs a lot of foam in them but it doesn't feel bulky or boaty at all. Pretty sure they are designed to be ridden as short as you can go. I had a 5'6 and I am 6'0 and weighed around 190 - 195 at the time. It liked a better wave with...
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    Bigger fish fin preferences

    Had a 7’4 Michael Miller nozzle and ran it with the furrow (Christine Caro) keels (fcs base). Great combo of drive and looseness and not too stiff. Once I put them in they didn’t come out. The color was cool too.
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    Christenson C-Bucket

    Had a 7’0 C Bucket years ago - rode it in everything from knee high beach break runners to solid overhead reefs in SD. Definitely liked an open face or some power in the wave to really come alive. I was recommended a 7.5 Skip Frye for the fin and used that most of the time and occasionally...
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    Knifey, Bladed, and Pinched

    I am a big fan of these types of rails - it all started with a Gary Hanel quad fish years ago that I rode into the ground. I'm on a gato playboy or space pig most of the time these days, with a few SD Frye style boards also in the mix. A few things all of these boards have in common that I...
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    FS 7’4 Michael Miller Coastal Egg *SOLD*

    Sold - thanks everyone for the interest
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    Any Mango Jam Intelligence yet?

    I actually felt one up at Hansens last weekend and It felt really really nice. A very nice refined rail and feeling. I don’t know much about log design features because I ride shorter boards typically, but if it wasn’t in thunderbolt/epoxy and I actually had space for a full on log, it would be...
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    FS 7’4 Michael Miller Coastal Egg *SOLD*

    Hey everyone letting my Michael Miller coastal egg go. Picked up a Michael Miller nozzle in the same size and have some other boards that fit this slot in the quiver. No open dings or damage, always has been well looked after. Only wear is typical pressure/spider cracks in the gloss coat...
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    Twinzer Design/Experiment.

    Larmo keel and Larmo Twinzer fish - the Twinzer has a bump to pull in the tail and the rail transitions into the hard rail at the end in a different spot also.
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    Twinzer Design/Experiment.

    No prob - enjoy the board, very nice color and always love the old TWE Larmo logo
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    Twinzer Design/Experiment.

    Echoing what @kpd73 just said - the canards in the front of the box would throw off the spacing and overlap. Don’t know if you ever get down to SD @EGM but Mark at happy battle surf has some sets of Larmos Twinzer fins in stock right now. I was just in there talking to him yesterday and he had...
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    Improving your skills...

    From your two choices same board different days. Surfing more and surfing decent waves is going to make you a better surfer and more surf fit. Riding different boards, especially if you are changing up things like fin setup (single, thruster, twin, keels, quad etc.) will also make you better...
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    What’s the magic behind the Squit Fish?

    Definitely. It’s also why he rides them so short and usually recommends to order them shorter. By making it short, adding the sidecut, the flat deck/unique rail style - it really lends itself to that style of surfing you see him do on these. That vid of him at Cardiff on a 5’3 with the jazz...
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    What’s the magic behind the Squit Fish?

    I had one (a 5’6) about 3/4 years ago and never really fell in love with it. It held a lot of foam, worked in smaller waves but liked better more powerful surf (like most fish), big double foiled fiberglass keels, of course the sidecut, and a flat deck with the rails sloping downward almost...

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