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  1. kclibman

    SOLD Hulls for sale: 6'6" Fineline MP beater and 7'9" Becker-shaped Rick

    Rick sold to @Armanthios Fineline sold to @MeatHeadDeath Thanks guys!
  2. kclibman

    SOLD Hulls for sale: 6'6" Fineline MP beater and 7'9" Becker-shaped Rick

    Both boards located in San Pedro, CA. Sorry, no trades or shipping. Crossposted to CL/OfferUp but Jammers get priority. Please DM if interested. SOLD 6'6" x 21" x 2.5" Fineline MP - $100 - glass-on bites in 2+1 config, belly to vee to flat out the tail, bladed winter hull - board looks toasted...
  3. kclibman

    Craigslist Deals of The Week (SoCal)

    $150 Czerwonka in Topanga. Super nice seller.
  4. kclibman

    5’10 Mandala Super Stubbie Edge Board

    Dude. How can I get this to LA... Actually, @jettyjawn, this will fulfill your MP needs in spades. Mental board.
  5. kclibman

    Trade feeler: Osprey Demon Pin

    @takedown this has your name (and relative locale!) all over it
  6. kclibman

    Clandestino/Avocet Mandala 2+1 fin

    7". Pintails with bites don't require large fins. Easy board to over-fin, from experience. I also liked a 7" Fins Unlimited Dale Dobson as well for waves with more push.
  7. kclibman

    Lovelace FM 7'9"

    Flip those canards around, surf it again and get back to us. Check those twins as well, on second thought
  8. kclibman

    Dudes smoking crack selling surfboards

    delusion sure is powerful
  9. kclibman

    Beater Trade Network - any interest?

    Floating this up again - I may post a couple beaters together as a package here in the next couple of days, more notably a 9'6" Mandala Hunter Seeker that has had a ton of work done (new deck I glassed) but is still a super fun tri-plane glider. If anyone has anything interesting in the high-8s...
  10. kclibman

    Vals Anonymous

    Sentiments from the outside world below. Discuss.
  11. kclibman

    ISO narrow (1/4") Freestyle sidebites

    Would have to knock the pins out and do that - it's possible but these are also a too-big template for the board as well. If nothing else pops up, may give it a shot when the garage isn't 95*.
  12. kclibman

    ISO narrow (1/4") Freestyle sidebites

    Figured I'd check here before ordering from Surf Specialties but looking for 1/4", not the 3/8", width Freestyle bites for a Liddle MP I recently picked up and fixed up. I also have a set of 3/8" bites that came the board if anyone is looking for some. Thanks!
  13. kclibman

    Dudes smoking crack selling surfboards

    An outline only a mother could love. Maybe a little less time reading the good book and a little more time studying plan shapes
  14. kclibman

    Craigslist Deals of The Week (SoCal)

    9'6" Super B in mint tint for $800 in Santa Monica. Over/under on this being gone within the hour?
  15. kclibman

    WTB Kneelo NYC/East Coast

    @kyle Zach's got the Mandala bug here if you happen to know of anyone local to y'all who's letting go of one.
  16. kclibman

    Rest in Peace, Russell Brownley

    Jesus, this is terrible - had the pleasure of meeting Russell a few years back through a board purchase, was nice to stay in touch and talk shit/shop on the alt board scene from time to time. A seriously kind, funny and talented guy; my heart goes out to his family.
  17. kclibman

    Craigslist Deals of The Week (SoCal)

    Cool 5'10" Manny quad fish with concave deck and glass-on 101s in San Clemente for $550. Had one of these, it was really versatile.
  18. kclibman

    Hilbers Stoke

    Man, meant to text this to you earlier. Really hope you score it!
  19. kclibman

    Big Island/Maui Trip

    Happy to help! Glad you had a great time, and now I'm craving Tamura's bad.

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