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  1. Fubar

    Trade - 8'4" Clandestino for Thick Lizzy? Boston Area

    I have an 8'4" Clandestino to trade for Thick Lizzy. I got it from MDM about two years ago. Opaque blue resin tint. Does anyone have a 7'10" to 8'4" Thick Lizzy they want to trade for? No rush. Putting the feelers out there. Pictures coming tomorrow ...
  2. Fubar

    Going to Kauai for two weeks in December -- what board should I take?

    We have a big family trip to Kauai in December, staying in Princeville. What board should I take? I want to have a low/mid 8's longboard type of thing. I'll ride good surf, but not crazy surf. Never having been there, I expect my scale to be recalibrated once I arrive. At 54 yo and surfing all...
  3. Fubar

    FS: 5'10" Softech Bomber

    5'10" Softech Bomber Three fin FCS2 setup Comes with fins $250 It's a foamy with an interesting shape and very easy to ride. I bought it at Island Sports in Newport, thinking I would put it in my board bag for a trip to Mexico. I never did, only used it a few times since. I'm not much of a...
  4. Fubar

    FS: 8'4" PHD Hot Generation - $450

    I got this board it last October. The original owner pointed out two small dings a tiny delam near the logo. Overall, the board is in great shape and comes with a nice fin (have to check what it is). Like many here, I had wanted one for a long time. I rode it a few times and didn't connect with...
  5. Fubar

    WTB: FCS II quad set

    I just bought a 7'4" Seaside and Beyond with FCS II boxes. The shop gave me molded plastic fins, which feel soft on turns.
  6. Fubar

    Byron Bay in July

    I will be in Byron Bay for a week this July. What kind of wetsuit should I bring for early morning sessions? Which shapers or shops should I check out? I'm going buy a board when I get there, surf it and bring it home. Right now, I'm all about 8' boards. Some kind of hot generation, v bottom...
  7. Fubar

    What 8' surfboards are people riding?

    These days, my 8'8" Special K seems a little big. My new 6'10" Flat Tracker, perhaps a little small. I see goofyDuda on his 8' Ant, getting tons of waves. I suspect 8' is great for the slow wave spots all over New England. What do people like?
  8. Fubar

    Will I need a wetsuit in Cabo in February?

    I will be in Cabo for the week of February 20, which is the Northeast's school vacation week. I will have wheels and plenty of time to surf. Some guides have said a shorty or even a fullsuit could be needed. Some advice would be most welcome.
  9. Fubar

    v.Bowls for sale in the PR

    Around 7'6", quite a find in the PR. I was just there for the week, rented boards from Mar Azul and saw this about mid-Week. If I'd seen it earlier, I would've bought it. The surf last week was perfect for v.Bowls.
  10. Fubar

    I'm in Santa Monica tomorrow afternoon -- where should I surf?

    I'm finished with work at 11am tomorrow. I'm in Santa Monica and have a car, don't need to be at the airport until 8pm. Suggestions please on where to surf and where to rent a board (not picky). thanks, ed
  11. Fubar

    f.s. DT Scorpion

    Donald Takayama Scorpion, 6'10" x 21" x 25/8", 4 Futures fin boxes + center box, 9/10 Condition Great board, just not using it much. It actually does cheater fives quit easily. It does not include fins, I did not get any with the board. I've used it with an 8.5" GL Flex. $625 for board members...
  12. Fubar

    The surf here on the (B)east coast

    Big & stormy around Boston today. Should be clean later in the day through early Sunday morning.