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    Svoboda Billy Jean - Any Feedback?

    Thanks for the first hand report on that one MHD. I've been eyeballing the 9'2" at the Venice shop. Just great looking boards.
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    Svoboda Billy Jean - Any Feedback?

    I'm onboard as well. Any info would be appreciated.
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    FS/FT: 7’7” Joe Yee Bonzer Egg

    I'm surprised nobody has jumped on this. Maybe folks haven't had the chance to see his work yet. I had Joe shape me one of his eggs when he was over here on our coast last year. Have been stoked on it since day one. A great all around shape for our waves. Good luck with the sale.
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    Want a midlength but overwhelmed

    Seeing a lot of solid recommendations for you so far. My two cents would be to recommend you trying a simple standard single fin egg in the 8' range. You have a heap of talented shapers near you that should get you onto something that will meet your needs. I'm a few pounds lighter but 10yrs...
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    East coast board train thread

    Was a nice day for a "train" ride.. And a ferry too ;) Great meeting you @m8r Boards in motion..
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    SOLVED - PDG 7'6+/-

    Agree. But PDG was a brilliant disguise to throw other displacement sled seeking gormandizers off the trail. Or not.. ;)
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    7’6” Hobie Peter Pan Slug - NYC $500

    They look so, "Meh". But surf so, "Yay!" Someone's going to be stoked!!
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    Many thanks Tom. Apparently there are several boards in southern NC that are destined for NY...

    Many thanks Tom. Apparently there are several boards in southern NC that are destined for NY. Working with a few jammers to get them, and mine, all up to MD and then I'll try to get them towards NY. Will be in touch if plans change. My thanks again, Mike B.
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    Fish Fry/AnythingButThree: Ocean Beach San Diego *EVENT TOMORROW*

    Went to one years ago here in NJ. Ian Zamora and several other board builders where in attendance. Although the surf wasn't quite perfect, it was a great day of sharing boards and talking board designs. Enjoy!
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    Board train: NC to NJ

    Many thanks! I'll definitely be in touch.
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    Board train: NC to NJ

    Hoping to get a 6'6" from @JMJackFish in the Wilmington area of NC, north towards NJ. Any assistance is appreciated. Happy to help with fuel costs. My thanks in advance.
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    Vissla wetsuit feedback

    Started wearing a 4/3 Needs Essentials - back zip 2 yrs ago and have no complaints. Wore it deep into our winter here last year with good results. I'm an XL and it sizes the same as most companies. Price was fair in my opinion. Feels good until the 40 degree water and freezing air temps show up.
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    Pensacola Area Shapers

    You could try Waterboyz in Pensacola. They sell boards under their shop label. No idea where they're shaped though. I left town in 84' and only get back every couple of years. Innerlight out past the airport had a rack of epoxy imports my last visit. Nothing hand made. More clothes store than...
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    Pensacola Area Shapers

    I can still remember riding my bike up to Innerlight on 9th Avenue and ordering my first custom. (grass mowing & leaf raking $$$) Probably hit the Krispy Kreme to celebrate after. lol Good old days. : )
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    How was your surf today?....share your stoke!

    Fun end of the year session with @Chris on a glassy clean south Jersey morning. Safe and happy New Year's wishes to the Jamboards Family. Aloha
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    Kriss hall personal pintail 9’ 4”

    If that's the one at ET in Hermosa, I saw it back on Halloween. Surprised it's still there. Good looking board.
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    Thomas log models reviews?

    +1 on this Keeper review
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    True Ames production updates?

    Katin in Surfside and HSS both had a decent stock of fins this week. Just saying..
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    I can imagine she's got to be swamped after the boardroom show and last week's auction. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong but pretty sure she's a one woman show. A rare gem.
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    Talk like a pirate day and nobody posts anything?

    Had no idea. I'll head out to the garage now and toss Jazz the Glass in the ye old dvd player for some inspiration!!