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    gum on fins

    I've been surfing about 15 years. Wondering if anyone else has experience with gum on their fins (chewed, unchewed or anything in between). Mostly wondering how they work in a variety of conditions - reefs, points, beach breaks, etc - and placement (inside or outside foil?). Also feel free to...
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    FOR SALE Ryan Lovelace FM toaster

    The pictures say it all. The leash you see in the photos is included. Lowballers will be ignored.
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    6'2 Stringerless Larry Mabile Mini Simmons EPS Twin Keel

    Larry Mabile Mini Simmons 6'2 23 1/2" wide 3" thick Other than some very slight discoloration, the board is in fantastic condition. It is made with EPS foam and epoxy resin. No dings, quite a few pressure marks yet solid and water tight. The fins are in excellent shape. This is an ideal board...
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    6'0 Larry Mabile "Larmo" Twinzer Fish

    6'0 by 21 1/2 by approx. 2 3/4 Some notable features: beak nose, "Fryed" rails, flat deck, single bump, FCS Twinzer set-up (fins not included) Excellent condition, no dings, several mild yet noticeable pressure marks. The glass job on this board is quite strong and I was surprised to find...
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    Assorted Fins For Sale (Greenough, Liddle, Rich, Warren)

    L-R: 9" Greenough 4A - Great Condition - $70 9" Liddle L-Flex - Good Condition - $60 8" Wayne Rich ??? - Fair Condition - $40 10" Tyler Warren Pivot - Great Condition - $90 Great holiday gifts! Fun for the whole family!!!1!! Located in San Diego. Happy to answer any questions and/or take...
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    Looking for a Rich Pavel/Choice Fish, 6'-6'6"

    Hello everyone, As the title says, I'm looking for a Rich Pavel fish, ideally a Speed Dialer around the 6' to 6'6" range. I'm located in San Diego but am willing travel. Also, I realize that these boards tend to fetch a higher price and I'm willing to pay for the right board. Thanks for looking.

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