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  1. hardyw

    WTT Hobie 7'2 Retro Egg

    Looking for trades on something interesting in the 8'0 - 10'0 range. This board has some repaired dings and some light pressures. Located in NJ
  2. hardyw

    Tahiti Pro

    After watching WSL events all summer in mediocre waves they are finally set up at Teahupoo in pretty solid conditions. Watching these guys trading barrels is pretty awesome. The regular footed guys get deeper but it's less impressive than the goofy footers pumping through those super steep...
  3. hardyw

    For Trade: 10'0 Black Rose Dark Horse - NY/ NJ

    Looking to trade for something smaller. Maybe something in the 7'0-7'6 range. Interested in eggs, fishes, haley pin, or let me know what else you have. I did buy this board brand new retail as you can see in one of the pics so do have some funds into it. Please be considerate with your offers.
  4. hardyw

    Guanacaste CR trip this spring - guidance or local knowledge?

    Planning to visit this area sometime in the next few months and looking for some tips. I have been to Tamarindo before and had a good experience but want to stay somewhere where I can easily walk to the waves. Was considering playa avellana which is just a bit south of tamarindo. I'm told...
  5. hardyw

    Chippa Wilson Bonzer with no center fin - mind blown

    Great edit all the way around but the footage of him on the bonzer with no center fin starting at 6:10 is pretty awesome.
  6. hardyw

    Fish Simmons sizing and fin set-up

    Just about to pull the trigger on a custom fish simmons from Mencel. Wanted to get feedback from jammers on length and fins. The shaper has told me he usually does glass-on twins but I've also heard a thruster set up can really shine on this shape and I believe this is how Skip Frye built his...
  7. hardyw

    Help me understand bottom shape - Hull, Concave, V-bottom, belly etc

    Speak to me like I'm in kindergarten - What are the basics of these designs? Double and single concave for waves with more juice? More belly in the board or v bottom for more slopey waves? Seems like some of these hull bottom shapers have a cult following like Andreini but I'm not even sure I...
  8. hardyw

    Looking for Delam repair Monmouth County NJ

    My beloved 9'3 Yater Spoon has a big bubble back near the tail. I left it in the back of the truck and it got pretty warm, stupid of me. Anyway if you know of someone with some skills that could help me avoid taking this to a tourist trap surf shop I'd be greatly obliged.
  9. hardyw

    Hi I'm a kook I'll buy anything

    Hey guys I'm the lowest of the low. I drop in on you time after time on my performance longboard. I can't quite make the bottom turn but I have sooo much persistence and stamina. Whenever you get in position for a nice wave I seem to be RIGHT there on the periphery with a dumbass look on my...

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