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    Oneil hyperfreak 5/4

    I've decided that I'm not surfing Frigid cold winters anymore I bought this suit after Christmas last year and used 3 times max. Size XL but fits like a large I paid 399 plus tax and shipping, I'll let it go for 299. The Suit is in Brooklyn If anybody is interested I can send a pic. But black...
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    7'8 christenson flat tracker

    Posting for a friend Christenson Flat Tracker surfboard with Deck & Tail patch. Beautiful yellow tint. Christenson Captain Fin company fin included. In great condition. No dings. Some pressures on the deck. 7’8” x 21 1/2” x 3” $899
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    Mitsven magic 9'6

    Posting for a friend 9'6 magic, beige resin tint, gloss and polish, 2 plus 1 fin set up side bites included. Single fin not 22.75 wide 3.07 thick. Bought at Hansons , used couple ot times. 1250.00 The board is in Asbury park nj
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    S wings

    Has anybody used S Wings fins. They look bizarre but at the same time, they look interesting I'd like to hear some reviews. I'd like to try them on a 9ft tri fine fish.
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    2 boards

    Gotta move a couple boards. Hate to, believe me.
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    Wtb deepest reaches 9'0 to 9'4

    Looking for a deepest reaches longboard is decent condition. Currently in San Diego area but going up past LA in few days
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    Longboard waves in Tamarindo

    Hey. Does anybody know of a longboard wave in Tamarindo. Something that rolls in. Friend of mine went to avallenas , he said was kind of hollow and hard to catch waves
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    Wtb 101 fins thruster set fcs

    Looking to buy a used set of 101 fins , fcs thruster set If anybody has and doesn't use.
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    Fin recommendation

    Need advice on fins for a 9'1 long fish. Tri fin set up. Currently running nvs grennens but I'd like to try something new.
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    Wtb mitsven or m.miller glider.

    Not larger then 9.8. Prefer good to mint condition. In Southern California for the winter
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    Hypnosis and large waves

    Hi jammers, I'm new here. Fall has finally come and with it larger waves. I had an incident when I was younger on a very big day, it seem to have scared me permanently of paddling out on a big day. Has anybody ever used hypnosis to get over fears? and if so ,what was the outcome? , Can you...

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