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    WTB: Burch/Mitsven or other SD fish: 5’5” - 5’6”

    I know it's a tough ask and Burch’s are rare as hell now, but if for some reason you’re feeling generous, let me know! I’m also interested in other classic outline fishes like Trimcraft Rich Fish, Arenal, etc. Mayyyybe could do 5’4” too if it’s thick. Based in OC/LA, but willing to drive to SD...
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    What’s the magic behind the Squit Fish?

    I wish I had a tiny bit more volume in my current fish, so I’m combing the market for my next move… mayyyyybe even be crazy and shape something for myself. Everyone seems to be enamored with the Burch Squit Fish. They look incredible, but is there something really unique about them? Does anyone...
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    WTB: Thomas / Thomas Bowlcut fin 10 -10.5 inches

    Trying my luck! I read the Devon Howard fin blog that @slideright posted in Surfing, and now I need one of these fins haha. Preferably between 10 and 10.5 inches.
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    My new custom log doesn’t have a glass patch on the finbox. Should I freak out?

    After about 4 months, I finally got to pick up a log I had shaped. 9’7”, sort of an all rounder, all volan glass, hooray! Going to exclude the shaper name for now (they honestly did an awesome job, they don’t deserve to be dragged through mud). It all came out amazing, except one thing I didn’t...
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    WTB: Skip Frye Volan Fin 8.5

    it’s always nice to be used whenever possible right? I’m around the OC/LA area but would definitely also pay to have it shipped too if you’re comfortable with that. Crossing my fingers!
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