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  1. shapewright

    Part of the plane that’s not needed

    I hate to be an alarmist, but when I awoke mid Atlantic this morning at 37,000 feet and lifted my window shape I saw this section of what looked like broken off conduit wedged in the ailerons. Must have been something the plane did NOT need to remain in the air
  2. shapewright

    Tools arrived

    In 2019 I visited a board builder In Edinburgh Scotland, Jason Burnett, super high quality and great young man. I quizzed him on how he learned to build such good surfboards, “ from pictures and videos “. Earlier this spring his location had a fire and work shops were burned to the ground. Jason...
  3. shapewright

    Rainbows, unicorns and save the whales

    Thanks so goddamn much for your useless we wanna save the world, you come to my business and throw your goddamn mask with God knows what in it in my parking lot. I’m coming off 3 weeks of near death with the worst sickness in my entire life, First thought was covid break through my vaccinations...
  4. shapewright

    Scottish Builders

    last full day in Edinburgh, was in contact with Jason Burnett of Jay Surfboards and made arrangements to meet up with him at his shop. It is located on the grounds of 16th century Newbattle Abbey in WWll work shops. Another builder so far removed from the hustle and having to glean every speck...
  5. shapewright

    Joe Baugess

    Surfore sent me details on Joes passing, outspoken, but one of the few real shapers still turning out flawless works. Rest in eternal peace Joe
  6. shapewright

    What lies below

    sitting in an expensive cheap motel in south Cocoa Beach while my wife hovers "near death" from the cold she has contracted. Trying to isolate myself in the kitchenette and flipping through channels I come upon the Mick Fanning story. Talk about a struggle of adversity, losing older brother that...
  7. shapewright

    Oceanside Longboard contest

    The Oceanside Longboard contest is this weekend, actually had some 2-3 footers yesterday morning. I no longer have secure storage space at the "Hill" and have moved stock boards to my old "pal", he's really a F'ing idiot, to his, do I really are say it, Woody Resin on coast Hwy.It's just about...
  8. shapewright

    Fish Jimmon's

    Kaion in Waikiki forwarded me this custom right after Christmas, triple stringer, balsa -Redwood - balsa with Baltic Birch ply glass ons. I had seen the ply at Michaels Crafts, 1/4" for the side fins and 1/8" for the center, very good quality, no voids Attached files
  9. shapewright

    places where there is no surf

    One of those places that couldn't possibly have surf, tucked inside Cape Cod Bay.I saw it during a snow storm in '73 peeling from beyond view, long perfect rights over a gravel and mussel bar.On a trip north in the late summer of '93 I got it 3-4 feet until my pal and I were chased out by the...
  10. shapewright

    over sized boards

    11'2" Ka Po'e A'ea and his pal is getting an identical 10'6", I hope and pray I NEVER see a photo of them with paddles in their hands !!!!!!!!!!!!! Attached files
  11. shapewright

    May Board room event

    Scott Bass has his event planned for May at the SD fairgrounds again, Paul Naude and Vissla are sponsoring a master board builders build off with 4 participants, Scott asked me to be a participant. But after long consideration this weekend I have decided to decline due to the amount of orders I...
  12. shapewright

    bicyclists shot

    Looks like some one did my bidding for me, drove by a gaggle of cyclist and opened fire, hell, I want to drive the Suburban right through the middle of them. My Dr. Frankenstein side wants to us my scuba tank and regulator to power up my brad nail gun and drive a mile long run of brads right on...
  13. shapewright

    off shore production

    I'll keep the specifics out, but I've become pressured to do several models, molded EPS from out of the country. I presented my view that this is counter to EVERYTHING I believe in, sending money out of the country, breaking away from the true custom build and letting someone who I don't know or...

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