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  1. samb

    Sold: Baby Vee, Vaquero

    Finally getting back in the water after an injury and taking stock of my overflowing garage after a few lucky scores. 2 boards for offer, both located in Santa Cruz, can’t ship. Liddle Designs Baby Vee, 8’4” x 23.5” x 3.5”. Good condition, has a few pro repaired rail dings. Bought from @Matt...
  2. samb

    FT: 9’2 Cooperfish Flexpig

    For trade only at this time, a pristine Flexpig. 9’2” x 21 1/2” x 3” Tow weight foam No issues to speak of, well taken care of (the previous owner was Ed Johns), I’ve had it for about 3 or 4 years. The board rides exactly as you’d expect from Gene, it’s just a bit too narrow for me these...
  3. samb

    FT: 7’10 Andreini Vaquero Edge

    This is a fun one, and I’ve waffled on trading, but it is a little smaller than I’m riding these days, and I find myself going to round/vee bottom boards pretty much every session. Not looking to sell at this point. This was a custom for me in 2019, 7’10”x22”x3.25”. Red rails, black pin lines...
  4. samb

    Sold: 9’10” Cooperdesign Device 2

    SOLD Really wanted to be a log guy, but I’m just not a log guy. Black label (traditional glassing), glass on red/purple tint fin, opaque white glass, black resin panel. 23” ish wide, 3.25” ish thick. Overall the board is in good shape — a few dings that have been repaired but nothing that was...
  5. samb

    FS: 7’0” FCS 2-board travel bag

    Selling because I’ve got no boards that will fit it anymore. The bag is in good shape, no rips or zipper issues. The repair patch included is still in tact should it ever need a repair in the future. Holds 2 boards with a built in divider. $75 picked up in Santa Cruz — I could explore...
  6. samb

    TRADED: FS/FT — 11’1” Thick Lizzy

    For your consideration is a Lovelace Thick Lizzy in good shape, a few repaired dingers on the rails, and moderate heel pressures. Has resin panels by We Quit the Plain, was shown at Boardroom a few years ago, I’m the second owner. Need to make some space for a new score in my racks. The board...
  7. samb

    SOLD - FS: Greenough Hi-Speed 9.25”, $125

    The fin purge continues. A power blade jives better with my Vaquero edge. These haven’t been available through TA for a bit AFAIK. In great shape, some surface rust on the pin. Located in Santa Cruz, can ship domestically.
  8. samb

    SOLD - FS: True Ames Greenough Stage 1 (1 of 10 made), $150

    Torn on letting this go, but I just don’t have any boards that do it justice. This was part of a limited series run by True Ames, and is numbered 1 of 10. 10.75”. it has no issues. Retail price was something crazy IIRC. It has the Kumano system, which is pretty neat. Located in Santa Cruz, can...
  9. samb

    FS: XL Matuse Dante 3/2 and L NinePlus RFS 2/1

    Cleaning out the closet this week, found a few suits I’m too fat to wear these days. Located in Santa Cruz, but happy to ship domestically. XL Matuse Dante 3/2 — this is their “zipperless” entry, works well if you’re sized right for the suit. There’s a few areas that the seam seals came up...
  10. samb

    WTB: Carson/Cooper v-bottom

    Recognizing this is a longshot, I’m looking to find a Carson Cooper v-bottom. Ideally in the 7’8” to 9’ range. Would be looking to buy, understand these demand a fair price. I’m located in Santa Cruz but willing to drive pretty much anywhere in CA.
  11. samb

    WTT: 11’1” Lovelace Thick Lizzy for Cooperfish

    Looking to trade a Lovelace 11’1” Thick Lizzy glider for a Cooperfish, ideally a Kink or Device in the 9’1 to 10’ range but open to others. this was the model Ryan entered in the Boardroom Best Of a few years ago. The resin panels are a collab with We Quit the Plain. The board has been ridden...

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