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  1. Fishface

    RIP Greg Griffin

    JP from surfy surfy / board source just posted this on FB : RIP Greg Griffin. Perished in a motorcycle accident. Extraordinary career as a surfboard shaper and fin maker. A lot of us got to know him via the surf message boards. He loved to chat and argue and make custom surfboards for the free...
  2. Fishface

    RIP - Lloyd from The Surfhouse in Houston

    Very sad day for us gulf coast surfers... Lloyd Sandel - owner of The Surfhouse in Htown passed away today... The shop has been there since 68 and is the oldest surf/skate shop in Texas....
  3. Fishface

    SOLD - Lokbox fins - 101 quads-

    All fins sold.
  4. Fishface

    why are the classifieds full of WTB's?

    Noobs??? guys sell your sh!t here... \ used to be nice to login to see whats for sale insead of these new guys begging for vaqueros and fryes... super annoying.
  5. Fishface

    Black Friday deals thread

    Post em up... not seeing a lot this year - probably due to the supply chain issues and inflation NVS fins - code apex 15% off
  6. Fishface

    UTC mall LaJolla parking garage board p0rn

    This is insane. All mint boards... there's a Christenson rhino chaser and other gems in that escalator ...
  7. Fishface

    Fishes for sale in San Diego

    Just listed a handful on craigslist. Sorry I cant ship... Dont have time. In Del Mar Heights / Carmel Valley. zip 92130 Von Sol Von Knight - EPS stringerless 5'11 (pretty much the same as the Hynson Black Knight)...
  8. Fishface

    Costco Andreini Vaquero foamie? worth it?

    just kidding
  9. Fishface

    pop outs and china boards and the jam support?

    well god damn. we dis the flippers and then we support the gentrification and the capitalization of surfing by the way of Gerry Lopez, wave storm, surf tech (see the takayama prince k in the buy sell - yeah rick got one but lots keep wanting the popout - for gods sake contact the shaper!!)...
  10. Fishface

    Looks like Gerry Lopez sold out

    The G Lo wave storm coming to clog your line up this summer... $99 bucks at Costco
  11. Fishface

    Used board market discussion

    The board prices for used are out of control as we've seen. Is it inflation? is it covid and people being out of work? demand driven? I think its the pro flippers who are driving up the costs... board source, omar, etc in San Diego for example... but the retail shops are pushing $800-1000 out...
  12. Fishface

    Official Wanted to buy Vaquero Thread

    Post it up here. Buyers and sellers I want one. 7'6" in socal...
  13. Fishface

    holy grail longboard? best all arounder?

    I had a nice convo with a friend of mine tonight on why i have so many logs... he basically called me a hoarder- so i got to thinking... which board is the ultimate for me and why? one board quiver,,,, wondering what you guys think... whats your one board log quiver? My vote is Takayama...
  14. Fishface

    wtb - Phillips SWT in socal

    who has one in socal? i had an amazing 9'2 that i sold for financial reasons a few years ago. I want to get another... looking for one... let me know less than 9'6 plz
  15. Fishface

    Channeled Twin thread

    Holy smokes... I've been eyeing these channeled twin fins on Insta... Lots of shapers have gotten into it... A couple SD shapers whom I wont name refused to shape them ??? So, I went to one of the top OC guys and got this 6'10 x 21 midlength shaped... Doc Lausch at Surf Rx... has a light...
  16. Fishface

    Texas friend looking for a decent 9'6" htown

    Got a buddy that came out here and rode my Takayamas and Bings. Now he's frothing over something like that for the gulf.. All he can find is popouts. Anyone near Houston with a decent longboard for sale 9'6ish? pm me
  17. Fishface


    got some weird emails from swaylocks...tallking about a newsletter, etc.. are they still functioning? that was a great site years ago... forgot about them
  18. Fishface

    Gator - Mark Rogowski - granted parole unbelievable. He should rot in jail. I lived across the street from where he did it on Garfield St in Carlsbad...
  19. Fishface

    black friday deals?

    cleanline has up to 40% off wetsuits... 20% off fins... but they charge tax to CA now :( what other deals are out there?
  20. Fishface

    first impression on gliders

    Jeez. I thought these boards were for old guys... I ride mainly fishes, mids and a few takayama logs... I bought this 10'6 mitsven magic glider on a whim from that Oceanside Surfboard Collective place. It took a couple months before i even paddled it out. I mean - this thing is HUGE. Its been...

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