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  1. rootdown

    Fins for sale- Sold

    -True Ames 7” Bonzer - perfect condition -SOLD -DRD4 6.5” Tudor template bonzer- perfect condition- SOLD -Larry Allison 8” Volan Flex fin- excellent condition SOLD -RFC 9.5” “pure glass”excellent condition -SOLD -TA 9.5” Velzy Classic -some small scratches on leading edge SOLD **all prices...
  2. rootdown

    Bonzer longbord?

    looking to mix it up and try something different. anyone here ride a bonzer longboard? opinions?
  3. rootdown

    Fins for sale- Wayne Rich/Nat Young

    True Ames 9.5 Nat Young fin. great condition, a couple small scratches. $50 True Ames 6.5 Wayne Rich Power fin. great condition. small aesthetic blemish at the tip- no chipping or splitting. $40
  4. rootdown

    Fins for sale

    Captain Fin Jeff McCallum Keel fcs tabs- new condition- Sold Captain Fin Kassia Meador 9.8 -new condition- sold
  5. rootdown

    WTB: kids wetsuits

    water is still pretty darn cold in RI and my kids are stoked to get in the water to learn to surf. If anyone has a used wetsuit that would fit a slim 8 and/or 11 year old I would be very interested.
  6. rootdown

    FS. Jim Phillips 9'10" SWT

    Phillips small wave terrorists for sale. Impeccable condition, barely ridden. It's a beautiful board but I just never ride it. Noserider logs just aren't my thing, and I need to fund my shaping bay. Want it to go to someone that will ride it. $1000 Local pick up in Rhode Island.
  7. rootdown

    boards for sale

    Need to thin out the quiver to make some space. Not the typical boutique longboards you see on this forum, but I thought I would post here before dealing with the Craigslist mutants. Both shaped by me -selling at cost of materials. in Wakefield Rhode Island - 6'4 x 21"x 2.75" fabric inlay...
  8. rootdown

    FCS Fin Box

    I am looking to buying an fcs fin box install kit and trying to decide whether to go for the FCSII or fusion. I am leaning towards the simple old school fusion. Has anyone had any issues with either system I should be aware of? lost fins, broken boxes?
  9. rootdown

    Fin Help

    Hi, new guy here. Ive lurked about a bit before but never posted. Hoping to tap in to your collective experience. Rhode Island surfer and backyard shaper. I am just finishing up this 9'6x22.75"x3.125" cruisy longboard. Soft rails, pinched in the tail, pretty flat in the middle to roll/vee out...

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