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  1. longhairhippie

    WTB: 4'8-5'8 short, fat, & wide

    Looking for a good condition first board for my 10 year old son. He's been learning on my midlengths and longboards. I'm looking for a board that he can handle that won't push him around. Let me know if you have a fish/pod/eggy thing that's laying around.
  2. longhairhippie

    Ding repair advice - epoxy

    A friend dropped off a board for me to repair. It’s actually a board of a friend of his and my friend didn’t know it was epoxy. I’m not too familiar repairing epoxy boards. I’m not even sure it’s open to the foam, it looks cosmetic to me. Is there a good way to test that it’s open? Any...
  3. longhairhippie

    Help with pick up in Costa Mesa

    Any jammers in or near Costa Mesa/Newport that can help pick up a board bag? Dm me for details.
  4. longhairhippie

    New artificial reef approved in San Clemente
  5. longhairhippie


    Heading to Miami this weekend for work & hope to paddle out on Friday or Saturday. Any shops you recommend to rent a board from? I'll be bringing fins for a whomp if nothing else. Might be some windy lumpy surf and looking forward to trunking it.
  6. longhairhippie

    Almost Maui

    I'm heading to Maui in a month and half. I've been twice before but this will be the first time taking my kids - 6 & 8. They want to try surfing in Hawaii. Previously I've stayed in Kihei and I've heard the best beginner break for lessons is at Cove Park. This time around we'll be staying in...
  7. longhairhippie

    Roof rack recommendations

    I recently purchased a new surf vehicle and it's time to ditch the soft racks. The new whip didn't come with rails but there is a predetermined place to mount racks. Which racks would you recommend? Do you go strictly manufacturer accessories, Thule, yakima or something else?
  8. longhairhippie

    Santa Cruz & Sonoma County

    I'm heading up north the last week of September. I'm planning to start off in Sonoma & work my way back south. I've heard there are no waves in Santa Cruz and it's hella sharkey. Pm me any recommendations you have and a good place to rent a board.
  9. longhairhippie

    Longboard finds - not deals

    Post up boards that you find that are interesting or collectable but not necessarily a deal. Burch Squit Fish
  10. longhairhippie

    Fish design input

    So I've decided to try shaping a board. I'm thinking of building a 5.10 twin keel fish at about 19 7/8" - 21.5" wide and 2 3/4"-3" thick. Does anyone have any experience with this shape that can give some pointers? I've been scouring swaylocks too for info. I have 4 different outlines I'm...
  11. longhairhippie

    Working in Manhattan Beach now

    So my work moved to Manhattan Beach, which means a hecka long commute for me but real close to the beach for pre and post work surf. I'm not too familiar with the area. Please pm me with any suggestions/tips or if you want to surf. I'm sure ill be waiting out traffic most days after work.Anyone...
  12. longhairhippie

    Camping at Refugio - 4/30-5/3

    I'm going to be camping down at Refugio State Beach this weekend. If anyone is in the area and wants to surf some ankle-biters let me know.
  13. longhairhippie

    Stair rover

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