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    7'2" Tyler Magneato - SOLD

    blessings and well-wishes
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    Does surfing need more enforcers and enforcement?

    I voted to respect the spot but I don't know what FNG means
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    7'2" Tyler Magneato - SOLD

    The Magneato is a surfboard designed for the true gentleman
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    WTB: McVee 8-9’
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    WTB: needessentials Upright Keels

    dang, A+ detective work there
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    8’2 Klaus Jones Evo Pin - SOLD

    I'm using a 9.5 and my board is 7'10. I really enjoy carefully dialing in the fin placement per the conditions- hence the pencil marks by the fin box.
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    8’2 Klaus Jones Evo Pin - SOLD

    The new owner will be a very fortunate person. Also a Stage 6 Greenough fin is highly recommended on this surfboard.
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    7'2" Tyler Magneato - SOLD

    Highly cool board
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    Wtb waveset fins

    I saw some at Coconut Peet's in San Diego within the past two weeks. I would call them and see what's up
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    I’ve been eating A bag of dicks on my mini Simmons. Any tips?

    how much dope are you typically smoking before paddling out? I've had some boards that only work after smoking 3 or 4 dopes
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    10’6 Pavel Glider Sold

    sursum corda
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    ALL SOLD THANK YOU 8'8 Keyo and 9'7 Melanson

    I should have grabbed that Keyo
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    FS: 6’0 pavel/rainbow dialer

    d e s i g n e r
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    gum on fins

    I've been surfing about 15 years. Wondering if anyone else has experience with gum on their fins (chewed, unchewed or anything in between). Mostly wondering how they work in a variety of conditions - reefs, points, beach breaks, etc - and placement (inside or outside foil?). Also feel free to...
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    10 Types of Surfers

    sure would be nice to have those 8 minutes and 8 seconds of my life back
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    FOR SALE Ryan Lovelace FM toaster

    Can do +/- cash, also that thing looks siiiiiiiiik. yew!
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    FOR SALE Ryan Lovelace FM toaster

    The pictures say it all. The leash you see in the photos is included. Lowballers will be ignored.

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