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  1. Heavywetsuit

    For sale NYC/NJ

  2. Heavywetsuit

    WTB East Coast 60’s Log D Fin

    Hallllow if anyones got a old single fin from the 60’s sitting in they’re garage is be stoked to put in the water. Summer comin could use a K O O K K I L L E R
  3. Heavywetsuit

    ***WANTED*** Power Blade.

    My boiii’s making me a flextail edge board & kind of wanted to test out a power blade. Kind of pricy via true Ames @ $200 & they’re sold out so I anyone has any leads HMU :) - stay stoked - Freddy
  4. Heavywetsuit

    What stokes you out?

    Summer flat spell is almost upon us, what are some things we can all do to keep stokeD ?
  5. Heavywetsuit

    Yater spoon buy

    looking to purchase a 9’0-9’2 yater spoon any help please DM
  6. Heavywetsuit

    Lovelace Thick Lizzy 7’6 SOLD***

    SOLD ****
  7. Heavywetsuit

    Tyler NorthEast Shipping

    Incoming Shipment to NJ from Tyler Surfboards Room for ONE MORE BOARD Stockboard options just shaped (Brand NEW) 9'9 Riddler 9'6 777 7'6 Hairpin 7'4 Hairpin 7'2 Hairpin 6'10 Hairpin DM if interested
  8. Heavywetsuit

    Lovelace Thick Lizzy 7’6

    selling this beauty. Shaped by Lovelace 2 dings as shown in pic both repaired very well and water tight. Dings have NOT been exposed to water. Lovelace fins included. Boards In NJ Happy to exchange in NYC also
  9. Heavywetsuit

    Tyler Hairpin

    Anyone got one for sale ?
  10. Heavywetsuit

    Tyler point / Lovelace V bowl

    9’8 point previously posted still available Grey board $1,050 7'8 lovelace V bowls amazing color work by angelo perfect condition if interested ill post pix
  11. Heavywetsuit

    Tyler, 9’8 Point

    For Sale or Trade for other Tyler Models NJ shore Boards super clean not a pressure ding. Tyler Used a new / different logo on this one. Pics attached Takers or offers , LMK looking to move this one still available price @$1,050
  12. Heavywetsuit

    Tyler point

    Have a 9’8 Tyler point it’s Grey No Dings Would trade out for a different Tyler Model , or a glider - will send pics upon request Boards is in NJ
  13. Heavywetsuit


    Looking to buy Tyler boards following models The POINT Sleek Zeke Super lChief Magnito
  14. Heavywetsuit

    5’3 fish— Board train San Deigo - LA :)

    Hello jammers I’m heading to La from nyc I’ll be there tomorrow night.. I’m flying in for my friends engagement without a boardbag & can’t drive to San deigo to pickup this fish.. if any 1 is driving up from San deigo & has room 4 a pendoflex rubber duckie.. you will receiver thanks & praise via...
  15. Heavywetsuit

    Ryan Lovelace 7’4 V.bowls F.S NJ

    Hey jammers, my friend Jessie is selling his stringerless Ryan Lovelace 7’4 V.bowls. Asking 700$ firm. 732-597-3944
  16. Heavywetsuit

    Imaginary surf co Brooklyn

    I recently stopped by this wood shop in Brooklyn NYC, the airline had dung my friends Lovelace mr. fantasy duo. & David of imaginary surf co’s Aprentice Andrew fixed the board up spot on.. color matched a tricky magenta swirl, & insisted we pay him half of the initial 20$ we agreed on, after...
  17. Heavywetsuit

    Gary Hanel 9’2 LOG ***New***

    Greetings jammers :) selling a brand new 9’2 red wine tint Gary Hanel log. I had the board packaged & shipped from mollusk in California to NJ for a friend to learn how to surf. He’s not ready to commit to surfing from a snowboarding background & my quiver is well rounded at the moment. 1000$
  18. Heavywetsuit

    Board Needed

    Hey all im from NYC , Headed into to LAX this friday be down for about a week. cant bring board along with me, Would love to know if someone wants to sell something. looking for a classic outline with a performance twist. 9'2-9'6 . Single Fins only. Good condition or better. thanks much !
  19. Heavywetsuit

    Shipping a Log from Lax to NYC