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  1. WesCantDress

    Difference between a Hilbers and Andreini bottom roll?

    Was messaging with @espi about the Davenport "El Cadejo" and its rolled bottom. The comment was made that the bottom was "less like a Hilbers and more like an Andrini" or something to that effect. Made me think about both. I've got a 7'6 Hot Gen from Hilbers and 7'7 HawaiiKine from Liddle...
  2. WesCantDress

    FS: 9'8 Dano Log SOLD

    Putting a custom Dano out on the chopping block. 60s era traditional style log, wide point back, concave in the nose, glassed heavy, lots of float, and trims like Cadillac from the middle and the nose. If you've ever wanted a traditional style log, this is it. I never thought I'd let it go, but...
  3. WesCantDress

    SOLD FS 7'4 Trimcraft ReBowls $650 LA/OC

    Like new Trimcraft ReBowls. Beautiful board with serious get up and go, watermen's guild glassed. Rode as a single with a Liddle Flex and as 2+1 with a 4a - both went great. Selling for what I paid $650. I ride logs most often - purchased this after hearing about the shape for years. Now I'm...
  4. WesCantDress

    Shaping Bay (OC/LA)

    Hey Jammers, I'm curious if anyone near me has a shaping bay or garage setup they'd be willing to let me hop into when they're not using. Maybe once a week or so. I've fallen pretty hard for mowing foam and really enjoying it. Unfortunately I live in an apartment so setting up my own space is...
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  6. WesCantDress

    WTB: 10.5” 4a

    Looking to grab a 10.5” if you’ve got one you’re not tied to. Doesn’t have to be pretty. Don’t need to be like new. Got a strong (and surprising) recommendation for this fin from a surfer who’s chops I admire. He said the 10.5 is his all time longboard/nose ride fin. Personally I’m a bit...
  7. WesCantDress

    WTB: Surfboard Dynamics by Tristan Mausse, Paul Gross

    Looking forward to some light reading on the topic of hydrodynamics from Tristan Mausse and Paul Gross. If anyone has a copy (full title below) I’ll gladly take it off your hands at full price. Also are there any (more easily available) books on the same topic that you’ve found enlightening...
  8. WesCantDress

    WTB: Used 9.5 PHD Fin

    I picked up a new-to-me 7’6 HG from @Kelly and I’m stoked to try it out... so it’s time for fin fun! Looking for a used 9.5” PHD fin - it doesn’t have to be pretty or well kept. Just looking for one that works. Am in Long Beach CA. Pickup or shipping works. Ps- going out today for first...
  9. WesCantDress

    Surfing in Oregon? (Roadtripping)

    Driving up the California coast on a little roadtrip with wife (surfboard in tow!) and we just got to Oregon. If any jammers could recommend a break - not asking for any secret spots, just a decent/surfable break - that would be immensely appreciated. We’re in Eugene, and planning to head south...
  10. WesCantDress

    Volan Fins - All Created Equal?

    On a few occasions I’ve noticed Volan fins from TA seem to all have a visual artifact in the weave. You can see it in the pics provided. Looks like a series of upside down V’s stacked vertically, getting smaller as they go higher. Other Volan fins don’t necessarily have it (in the pics one fin...
  11. WesCantDress

    SOLD: 6'2 Twin Fish by Chris Birch

    This Twin Fish is a rider. Well loved and well surfed. Handful of dings, plus heelies/pressures on top and bottom - and priced accordingly. All dings repaired and water tight - admittedly not the prettiest repairs, but boards integrity is solid. I grabbed this as my first foray into fishing and...
  12. WesCantDress

    WTB 9’0 board bag - BOUGHT

    Looking for a simple bag to keep a 9’0 safe from knocks. Doesn’t have to be new, or pretty. Just Something that works. I’m located in Long Beach, CA If youve got one, would be happy to take it off your hands.
  13. WesCantDress

    Small repair, sanding question/guidance

    I put two very small, superficial scratches on a board. Huge bummer :( Sanded them out and did a little hot coat, then sanded that to finish. But in trying to get the sanded area to match the rest of the board ive hit a wall. Used 220, then wet 600, then wet 1000. But very obvious difference in...
  14. WesCantDress

    WTB: BOUGHT* Board bags (used/new)

    Am on the hunt for a few board bags, in useable condition, along these dims: 7’ 7’6 8’6 Used or new, either is cool with me. Just got a few boards that need some protection in my spazzier moments. Am in Long Beach, CA.
  15. WesCantDress

    Clandestino Rocker?

    Am shaping my first board and decided to use a 7'6 Clandestino as my template/guide - have been continually stoked riding that board. I'm planning to shape a variation around 8'4, but I have no idea on the nose and tail rocker for that size - guessing it's slightly higher than the rocker on...
  16. WesCantDress

    SOLD: 7’2 Anderson Single Fin Egg Shape

    Gonna regret selling this one but just have to make room for two new arrivals. Egg shape by local shaper and legend Scott Anderson. Built for paddle power, trim speed, and confidence underfoot for jucier waves from waist high to overhead. Beautiful glass job, single fin. 7'2 x 22" x 2 3/4"...
  17. WesCantDress

    WTB: Used True Ames 4a Fins (7"-9")

    Jammers, I'm looking to grab a couple 4a fins (for a Pavel and an Anderson midlength) - hoping to avoid buying em new. I'd like to get one 4a in the low 7" range and a 4a that is 8". I'm located in Long Beach (CA), cool to meet up (social distancing of course) or shipping works too. Just send...