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  1. respectthepeck

    Looking for a couple fins , long shots

    Looking for specifically a cutaway, maybe someone has one kicking around and another mist-O fin... It is an old captain fin with sinatra on it , called old blue eyes i think i sold it on here a decade ago but he was my uncle ralphs fav so I would kinda like to get another one.. obviously $ or I...
  2. respectthepeck

    East coast board train thread

    Anything from north Caroline (Wilmington) towards nj? 9’10
  3. respectthepeck

    East Coast Twinzers

    Brian Wynn all the way! He loves twinzers and makes em realllly well
  4. respectthepeck

    Fin for a 9’2 Trimulux question

    Well if that board has a down rail in the tail the fins you have should be fine . They don’t necessarily stall while the wave catches up to you rather you the rider stalls for a nose ride . So I would do a left go right or whatever to stick it in the right spot and it will never outrun a pocket...
  5. respectthepeck

    pop outs and china boards and the jam support?

    i think it is thee best pizza in our area i bet we are in there once a week almost---2 minute cook time and its perfect, bring yer own shop is open everyday in oceanview , 12-5 season you can get my coffee in stone harbor at the creperie, pure juice, playa bowls and quahogs
  6. respectthepeck

    pop outs and china boards and the jam support?

    His pizza place across the way is ridiculous, did not know the scan boards were that cheap so thanks for that !
  7. respectthepeck

    The board you've regretted selling most

    The board I most regret selling is a Matt Calvani wingnose he shaped for me almost 15 years ago.. same color as rockford’s car and 9’5 so if it’s out there hit me up. Flat as an ironing board, heavy on a good way and has early sixties bing logos on it..I also had a vintage peck that is in sea...
  8. respectthepeck

    Wtb double board travel bag EC

    I have a 9' double you can borrow I aint going anywhere for a while , Oceanview nj 08230
  9. respectthepeck

    Silverspoon vs Trimulux

    I had both of those boards and although I have never surfed in Holland , I really liked the square tail trimulux better than then pintail. In little sectiony waves you could set up nose rides real fast and when it got bigger , and tending to close out i, I could make sections on that board that...
  10. respectthepeck

    For sale $750 9’2 bonzer Ewing

    SOLD thanks everyone for the interest!
  11. respectthepeck

    Post Your Quiver

    My quiver : Brian Wynn 11’ glider, 9’9 vintage hansen competitor late 66 methinks because of the skeg, 9’2 bonzer e wing (for sale), 9’0 John peck penetrator circa ‘99, 7’7 roots surf craft cupcake hull, 6’10 Russ short , 6’2 self shape keel fish (doubles as my menu sign) and 5’5 Brian Wynn...
  12. respectthepeck

    For sale $750 9’2 bonzer Ewing

    I am in south Jersey 08230 and yep I am kinda cramped on sexy pic time lol
  13. respectthepeck

    For sale $750 9’2 bonzer Ewing

    This is in great condition, I rode it a bunch since august so it gained a sctratch or two and my heels marked their territory...609-827-1241 is best, thanks
  14. respectthepeck

    Show us yer Glider!

    here's my 11' glider by Brian Wynn...super versatile , i ride this almost exclusively. no real edge in the tail is oddly why I think it works so well
  15. respectthepeck

    East coast board train thread

    Thanks great news! I can’t wait to put that thing in September ground swell!
  16. respectthepeck

    East coast board train thread

    It is at enlightened surf. If you can make that happen that would be huge
  17. respectthepeck

    East coast board train thread

    Hi i have a 9’2 bonzer in long island that needs to make it to south jersey preferably 609-827-1241 if needed