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  1. Salty

    Mike Eaton

    From PT:
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    RIP Phil Becker

    One of the best articles on Phil Becker I've read so far.
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    Looks like Gerry Lopez sold out

    Features: Gerry Lopez designed shape with his signature deck and logo graphics 100% waterproof EPS foam core 3 wood stringers HD polyethylene slick hard bottom IXPE/XPE deck skin Traction pad for grip Protective tail cap Tri-fin system...
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    The Rules... when and from where did they appear?

    From Surfer Magazine: 1. The Proper Paddle Out You know what sucks? When you look behind you, shoreward, and see a guy or two paddling directly out through the break, right to the peak, instead of walking up or down the beach and paddling out around the break. This is of course much worse at a...
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    Craigslist Deals of The Week (SoCal)

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    Official Wanted to buy Vaquero Thread Vaquero. Glassed by Michael Miller.
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    Guide to Surf/Skate Boards

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    Taschen Book Sale: Surfing. 1778-Today

    Wait until you see the size and feel the weight of this book. An heirloom-quality item.
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    Taschen Book Sale: Surfing. 1778-Today

    Regularly $200, on sale for $125 until January 31, 2021. Amazing book. Can't recommend it highly enough.
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    Surf + Family Vehicle

    An oldie but goodie.
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    Tom Curren Free Scrubber

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    Craigslist Deals of The Week (SoCal)

    Dewey Weber Vee Bottom.
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    1968 Dewey Weber V-bottom

    This unique vintage board is for sale by my buddy, Eddie Solt. It's located in Torrance, CA.
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    Craigslist Deals of The Week (SoCal)

    11' Andreini Glider for sale:
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    Andreini Stoke

    That's the magic of an Andreini... :)
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    The Glory of the Glide

    DM Beth O'Rourke on Instagram (@_bethorourke_). She's the filmmaker.
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    The truth about surfmats?

    Check out Tim Ciasto's new site called FRINGESURFER.TV. It features "surfmats, bellyboards, handplanes and other little known surfing gear." He's a filmmaker who's turned his focus on alternative prone craft. He's a super talented guy and a lovely human being, too. Here is the website...
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    Craigslist Deals of The Week (SoCal)

    8'6 Stoker V-Machine by Anderson Craigslist adjacent:
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    AVAILABLE: Surf Books for Sale

    SOLD: Heart and Torch: Rick Griffin
  20. Salty

    AVAILABLE: Surf Books for Sale

    Surfing Basics: Jamie Budge $10 Heart and Torch: Rick Griffin: $100 (Reduced Price) Surfing: The Ultimate Pleasure: $5