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    WTB Wegner Bluegill

    What Surph said in his post - "I know long shot, but figure everyone else is doing it..." 7'6" or longer.
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    Santa Monica Case 9'6" / Cape Cod

    not mine.
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    9’9” Thomas High Pro Log - SOLD - Thomas "Doc" Bexon hand shaped

    9’9” x 23” x 3 Foiled rails, pulled in nose. original Thomas coke cap fin. Planers stamped in foam, which is only done on the boards Doc hand shapes, which is pretty much just for Devon Howard or Harrison Roach these days. Watertight and ready to ride, couple small color matched repairs...
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    WTB - finless

    been thinking about a finless for a while...just putting some feelers out in case someone has one of those Wegner Bluegills or similar collecting dust. 7'6'-9' -ish would probably do the trick.
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    Gordie Mark V - SOLD

    not much to look at but watertight and ready to ride - or do a proper restoration like Matt Garbutt did (below pic, or March 1 era on his insta). Some of the original wood from nose and tail blocks can be seen under the repairs. No delam but some couple spots of shrunken foam. Lam looks great...
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    Dano speed shape - SOLD

    fun board, super speedy - just not getting used. Couple smooth as glass repaired spots, watertight and ready to ride. Next ones on the way, be ready. $825 with fin, $800 no fin - interesting trades considered.
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    Girl gear - Ripcurl g-bomb + Roxy rashie 50+

    both new, never worn. Kids grew up too fast. rashie size 6 - $15 G-bomb neoprene shorts size 4 - $30 add $5 to ship
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    CopperFish Designs Malibu Foil - SOLD

    9' 8" Coop Mailbu Foil with some history and scars to prove it. Very early CF Designs - Gene confirmed he shaped it as one of the first 100 made under CFD (not CNC). Interesting backstory. watertight and solid rider board if you are looking to try a Cooperfish for a nice price. The thing is a...
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    Shapers Logger Series 10.5" fin - $55 shipped - SOLD

    $65 shipped - or trade for Wayne Rich Harmonic fin
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    Oneill hood AND 2 Matuse womens vests size 4 & size 6

    kids wore these twice I think. Matuse, top quality $40 Oneill hood, size small, fuzzy lining $15 Maine/Nh, may be traveling to RI soon (?) and can met - otherwise add $5 if you need shipping
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    80's Ocean Avenue / Greg Loehr shape 6'6"

    my first board - guessing my 6'6" days are behind me so up for grabs Glass ons flat bottom - if I remember this thing flies, but then again the dreams and the memories sometimes get intertwined these days so... watertight and smooth as butter, no delam, will strip the wax if it turns out...
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    Bali, Lucia 7' padded board sock - $45

    traveling ME to RI on Monday and could meet if anyone interested. Good vibes sock. Padded and rad. $45
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    ME<>RI Jan 6

    making a run to pickup a board - if you recently purchased (or are considering purchasing) any foam-based goods in that corridor I am happy to assist with transport.
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    WTT Andrieni Serena for a Vaquero

    I like this board a lot, so not super motivated, but would consider a trade - just thinking a Vaquero would be more my thing. Mine is a 7'10" and looking for the same (or maybe an 8-8'6")
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    surf calendar

    so hoping to not get ejected from group since this is not technically a board fs post...just a stoke fs post I guess ;) I take pics and do a yearly calendar, in the local shops (Maine), but in case anyone is jammed for last minutes giftees....$20 shipped anywhere in US.
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    Matuse Tumo 6/5/4 Large

    6/5/4 winter suit in 8/10 condition. This was my backup suit so low use. seams are good, wrist and ankle bands clean, no graying, logos intact etc. There is 1 spot where a stitch was coming loose and I gobbed a bunch of neoprene cement on it (back right shoulder) and also the inner yoke (just...
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    Dolly ship West => East

    Anyone considering moving a board west coast to east (Boston/RI area) and looking to share a Dolly box to split costs, please DM. Shooting to depart in next couple of days.
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    Dano Los Creeper 9'5"

    saving up for a new lens - somethings gotta give, so putting up one of my Danos. Los Creeper, double step deck, tail patch, no concave in nose so fast paddler, one rail smackle tinted repair and tight - 9.5/10. Not many of these on the east coast just added a new ballon fin that Dano had made...
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    Ocean & Earth 8'0 bag - $25

    too narrow for any of my boards in the nose. Says travel series, but I would call it day-bag, not 10mm padding for sure, more like 4-6mm. Zips work like buttah. $25 - or trade for ye' olde longboard fin, or maybe a few bars of wax and a decent bag of coffee beans, or anything else surf related...
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    Klaus Jones 6'9" Dirt FS

    got a few weeks back from the capt'n and based on my current skill trajectory have decided I'll probably will need a couple more lifetimes to get it dialed ;) I will be at the Grain Festival in York, ME next weekend and can meet the buyer if it times out. dark purple tint, 9/10 condition mo'...