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  1. shadydave

    Nova Scotia

    @funkmasterphoto on IG will give you an indication of potential surf. NS is in a perfect location to fetch swell from low pressure systems coming up the eastern seaboard as long as they don’t swing east when they hit New England.
  2. shadydave

    Nova Scotia

    And @SC surf
  3. shadydave

    9’6 Christenson Bonneville w/ Greenough 4A fin ($950, Carlsbad)

    Actually I was being a smart ass as the description said other than a few dings on the nose the board was clean. ;)
  4. shadydave

    Free to a good home

  5. shadydave

    WTB 9'8"-10" Noserider (New England Area)

    You should have grabbed that Davenport BKNR that was for sale in RI a few weeks ago. :(
  6. shadydave

    Andreini Stoke

    Sounds like a perfect length for a McVee
  7. shadydave

    Hank Byzak 9'11" longboard SOLD

    I’m sorry you never got to use that beauty. GLWTS!
  8. shadydave

    Micris Jim Phillips 9'6" Longboard circa 1967

    Looking forward to @shapewright input unless that’s where your info came from. GLWTS
  9. shadydave

    Seeking info on my 422 (nfs)

    Perhaps @njrider will see this, he not only sells them but has first hand knowledge from the man himself.
  10. shadydave

    Craigslist Deals- East Coast

    Damn I could flip that.
  11. shadydave

    Brand New Lovelace V-Bowls fin

    shredthegnar, I have this one $50 shipped and if you don’t want it @ugoinright? Can have it.
  12. shadydave


    You may want to check your fin box for stress cracks.
  13. shadydave

    General fin questions

    I don’t remember where I copied this from but perhaps it will help.
  14. shadydave

    Vintage Rainbow Fins

    Tim, my comment was not aimed at you it was more of a generalized comment as there appeared to be lots of interest in these fins yet there were no sales.
  15. shadydave

    The Rules... when and from where did they appear?

    For those that don’t know what RESPECT is.
  16. shadydave

    Vintage Rainbow Fins

    Unfortunately Mark I don’t believe a lot of folks are in tune with the vintage fin market and honestly your prices are in line. Trust me whether it’s Hansen,Hobie waveset if you want an original fin that’s in decent condition your looking at $150 and up. If you find them for less you Best Buy...
  17. shadydave

    Craigslist Deals- East Coast

    Just not vintage
  18. shadydave

    Your favorite stringer ever thread

    I recall seeing the finished product of the resto that mgarbutt completed, absolutely stunning and quite possibly one of the nicest vintage boards I’ve seen.
  19. shadydave

    Vintage Rainbow Fins

    Not to answer his question but my assumption is the price was determined on number of colors and size.