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  1. Macilious

    WTB 9'8"-10" Noserider (New England Area)

    I have a 9'10" Robert August RETRO. At least I think it's 9'10". Might be 10' but what's 2" between friends?
  2. Macilious

    My Second Bone Marrow Transplant

    All the best Howard. Over the years, I have really appreciated your stories, your fins and the amazing deck you made for me. You're gonna be fine. You will be in my prayers. Sent you a PAYPAL. Mac
  3. Macilious

    Are grey surfboards shark bait?

    Great band name. Up there with Smuke's "Chad the Choad"...
  4. Macilious

    Favorite Kookisms

    Or Japanese p0rn...
  5. Macilious

    Are grey surfboards shark bait?

    Grey boards are totally dolphin lures. They see that sexy grey bulbous hull and they can't help themselves. It's very important to paddle laying on your back and keep your mouth closed. Millions of grey board surfers are accosted every year and these dolphins are never brought to justice...
  6. Macilious

    Charleston JBers....

    Thank you!
  7. Macilious

    Charleston JBers....

    yea, we are sliding down to CHS, but we'll be back to visit.
  8. Macilious

    Charleston JBers....

    Moving down to Charleston, SC at the end of the month and it would be great to meet up with some of the local JBers. Maybe get out for a surf, beer, coffee, whatever. Mac
  9. Macilious

    Where did all these "New Members" come from?

    Reading his posts always reminded me of the reading the old J. Peterman catalogs.
  10. Macilious

    Big surf, far from beach, and a broken leash safety tips.

    Some good tips. I'm a decent swimmer, but there is a big, big difference between getting in a pool and swimming 2 miles and getting thrashed by a 40 degree wave, held under and swimming in a hooded wetsuit/boots and gloves. Especially in the old wetsuits that were made to retain water to keep...
  11. Macilious

    Surfy Surfy posted Board Porn!

    Smukes, there was no offense intended, nor was it an attempt to defend DD. It was a light hearted jab at snowflake culture.
  12. Macilious

    Surfy Surfy posted Board Porn!

    I WAS THAT KID. And I have suffered ever since. I can't ride DOH tubes, I can't surf a hull like Knost.... it has been a painful existence. The only thing that would make it right is getting my hands on THIS BOARD. It would close the circle and let healing begin. Let's make this Christmas...
  13. Macilious

    9’ Infinity epoxy

    9’0 pop out but a great board with a ton of float and pretty much indestructible. Board is in Bradlwy Beach, NJ $450
  14. Macilious

    FS Fowler 8’6” V8

    Shaped EPS Great board, tons of float and super light easy to turn. 5 fins, so tons of options. Board is in Bradley Beach, NJ $500
  15. Macilious

    FS 9’6” Campbell bros Ewing

    Bonzer E wing - 5 fin sinner Super fast board decent thickness, great float. Shaped EPS but has good weight to it. Small brown mark near fins is from resin. Board is in Bradley Beach NJ $550
  16. Macilious

    aslbuck killin it!

    @aslbuck some legit mat riding here!
  17. Macilious

    Wetsuit Dryer

    I use the UK wetsuit drier and Dry Guy for boots and gloves with a baking sheet under it to catch/contain water. Hanging the suit in a warm room (like near the furnace) helps. Multiple suits and boots helps too.
  18. Macilious

    Mitsven Eagle in RI *SOLD*

    Yea 100% and there are a couple guys on here that always sell quality boards and you my friend are one of them.
  19. Macilious

    Mitsven Eagle in RI *SOLD*

    DONE! I'll take'em!
  20. Macilious

    Scammer Alert. Members Beware: CLOSED

    Stayhomme - my advice would be to turn this into a positive learning experience for your brother. If he learns from this experience, then $550 is cheap (I've paid a lot more). - Have him take responsibility. He went to buy the board, he saw it, he paid for it. If he was unsure, he should...