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    Larry Mabile - Honey Badger?

    I'll check it out next time I see it.
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    Larry Mabile - Honey Badger?

    I have one, 6’10 single fin. Loaned it to a buddy who refuses to give it back. He’s been riding it in beach break barrels and loving it. As a shortboarder, he wanted to try something to use as a crutch for winter rubber and Long paddles. He’s been using it for most of our good days. btw - he’s...
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    Looking for ThickLizzy?!?

    I have two: 7’6 & 8’2 if anyone happens to be on the east end of Long Island and waves to give a spin. Not for sale.
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    Deepest Reaches MEGAfish

    tell me about it - I loaned out my 6’10 and my buddy refuses to give it back.
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    Warmest Booties??

    I wore them a month ago in NY on a lovely 16 degree morning and had numb toes pretty quick. I do love the little Socks though. I now wear them With my R5 booties.
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    New Member - Introductions...

    How do you like the bar of soap ? I had an Ocean Racer that I regretfully sold. Thinking the soap has a little more volume so thinking this as a replacement.
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    Looks like Gerry Lopez sold out

    it would be interesting to see how many wavestorms are produced each year and how much area they would take up in a landfill should they all be tossed at the same time. Final, a use for volume.
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    New Thick Lizzie

    such a fun board I have two! Congrats!!
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    Favorite Kookisms

    This summer we had a crew of 6am-er's as we were calling them. They would show up in a group, separate cars, and surf directly infront of the parking lot which was beach front. Same time, every morning despite the surf. They would all bring their canvas bags down & get changed on the beach. We...
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    Looks like Gerry Lopez sold out

    Until you see 4 of them walking down the beach towards you!
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    Craigslist Deals- East Coast

    if you live in NC and what a small pilot house I think Parker is your best bet !
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    Surf + Family Vehicle

    We have a 2015 Sienna. My wife could destroy any car, she’s hit everything possible with this van, including our metal shed (took it out!) and this car keeps on going. Im going to upgrade my 4 door Tacoma with long bed this week & get a new one. Resale value is incredible to good to pass up. I...
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    Ryan Burch Midlengths - Any feedback or Reviews?

    They suck. Give me the sellers contact info so I can tell him directly. Also, do you know if he ships?
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    Start shaping.

    Surfed with a young kid from Rhode Island this fall. He was catching waves wayout side of what I was able to on my 9'10. I complimented his ability and asked him who shaped the board. He said he did and that he had made it way too thick. Thought that was pretty cool.
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    Ryan Lovelace Piggy Back

    If you ever sell hit me up. Always interested in this shape. I have a few Lovelaces but they are all keepers.
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    Longboard finds - not deals

    Anyone out there a carpenter? Just go build the guys wife a kitchen and get paid in boards.
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    Fishy Fishes (thoughts, advice)

    Glass on keels all the way.
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    Longboard finds - not deals

    I love how he turned Joel’s “pile” comment into positivity.
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    Channel Islands Midlength - Devon Howard

    g Dont forget the sperm whale !