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  1. cheyneskeezer

    Trade flex fins for Gephart Keels
  2. cheyneskeezer

    6’8 nine lights redline 5’4 asym mini bob

    I have a 8ft blady Serena esque full balsa as a step up comin from Jeff and some fly fishing impulse buys I’m feeling guilty about is the only reason for selling. If they don’t sell I won’t be mad.... though my better half is seeing the garage burst at it’s seems and she’s on to me
  3. cheyneskeezer

    6’8 nine lights redline 5’4 asym mini bob

    Boards are stacking up really don’t wanna let one of these go but something’s gotta. 6’8x22x 27/8s nine lights redline open face construction volan glass one tail block repair dropped it taking out of bag snackle glass around block repairs looks good based off a Rick beak nose be supposed to...
  4. cheyneskeezer

    My Second Bone Marrow Transplant

    Done! Good luck God speed. I lost a dear friend after beating bone cancer twice to a infection after he was in the clear. Be strong have faith and stay healthy !
  5. cheyneskeezer

    Used board market discussion

    W Wait you mean I’m not gonna be able to retire Down south on my collection!?!?! Ha ha
  6. cheyneskeezer

    Used board market discussion

    i guess once again im the opposite of a flipper i usually seek out the golden gooses when found offer usually a very fair price aka my flex foil 3 i bought off marry osborne that i paid over what she paid for new. then lost a bit of money selling it to shadydave. I always see a board purchase...
  7. cheyneskeezer

    Your favorite stringer ever thread

    My Carson pig has a 4 7/8s wide solid one piece ( not glued together) balsa stringer supplied by gene Cooper has some amazing sections in it with color changes
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    Craigslist Deals of The Week (SoCal)

    both my friends he lives in hawaii but has property and family over in carlsbad. both like new. the mr is tempting but i cant
  9. cheyneskeezer

    Glassing in San Diego

    Miller hands down
  10. cheyneskeezer

    The board you’ll never sell

    8’8 stringerless Cooperfish v And my 7’7 for that matter both genes personals
  11. cheyneskeezer

    9'8" CJ Nelson Aussie Slasher Handmade in Australia - Sold

    Is that the mitsven eagle mollusk had a few years back ... drool
  12. cheyneskeezer

    Asymmetrical Fin Options

    Yes open faced white transparent wash over deck and fins
  13. cheyneskeezer


    Such good people they’ve been my neighbors for years and we didn’t even know it until recently. Now we talk daily great folks
  14. cheyneskeezer

    The board you've regretted selling most

    My flex foil 3 I chased forever to get and my flex pig both impeccable crafted boards just too small for me so had to part
  15. cheyneskeezer

    Asymmetrical Fin Options

    My fin set up on my 5’4 mini bob asym by Jeff at nine lights he can make These in any box set up Keel toe side and twinzer heel with a side cut in the shape. I will say at 200 lbs I tend to break the fins loose on a hard backside turn I’d like to try a keel on both sides one day to see if I...
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    Official Wanted to buy Vaquero Thread

    Lo siento mucho carry on
  17. cheyneskeezer

    Official Wanted to buy Vaquero Thread

    just ordered a serena esque 8ft full balsa build from jeff at nine lights foiled out and his abalone abtract color tint on bottom onto rails with pinlines. spendy but will last forever cant wait. there are more options than just a vaquero... why i go with jeff similar price great craftsmanship...
  18. cheyneskeezer

    Craigslist Deals of The Week (SoCal)