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  1. Lackosense

    FS: 9'8" Santa Monica Surf Case with Fin Box adaptor

    Great condition, minor surface scratches...all straps, buckles, and wheels in good working order. Asking $200
  2. Lackosense

    SOLD: 10'11 Josh Hall Fish Simmons

    I have too many gliders at this point and need to downsize. This one is a beauty...very fun to ride...its the board im riding in my avatar photo...decided i can let it go because i have a 9'9 fish simmons which i find more versitle. 8 out of 10 condition...couple of pressures here and...
  3. Lackosense

    7'10 G&S Midget Farrelly Stringerless V Bottom

    Got this board a fews years ago, had it cleaned up and lightly restored by Matt Garbutt. @SeniorGrom made me a finbox adapter inorder to run modern single fins. Works best with front tab fins. I ran one of gene coopers hollow flex fins in it and board went unreal! I attached a stick on leash...
  4. Lackosense

    1967 9'10 Bing Nuuhiwa Pintail Lightweight

    Ya'll know what time it is...i am considering selling this gem in order to fund something else...guaging interest at this point.
  5. Lackosense

    Help with a board in Encinitas

    Any jammers able to pick up a board for me and take it to bings surfshop?
  6. Lackosense

    WTB: Outrigger Canoe

    i know its a stretch on this thread but maybe some of you have leads. preferably a two seater so the wife and i can go on long paddles up and down the coast.
  7. Lackosense

    SOLD: 9'9" Cooper Designs Device II

    Bought this a while back from another member here. love the board, it surfs really well, and looks good on a wall too. The Device is typically very flat, this Device II model has a bit of nose rocker which makes it friendlier for the east coast. blended concave in the nose, board is arouns 2.75...
  8. Lackosense

    True Ames Bonzer fin 7"

    this fin is brand new, never surfed, too large for my needs. retail is $67 plus total was $71.50. it can be yours for $60 shipped or $50 if we use the jamboards railroad system
  9. Lackosense

    Tenfooter Jamboards Intervention

    Who's with me? @Tenfooter your recent posts have many of us laughing...but also worried. Just know that we are here for you brother. Do not hesitate to reach out and ask for help.
  10. Lackosense

    Endorse a New Member Thread

    Due to the recent influx of new members and the occational scam...i thought it would be beneficial to create a thread where we can share a vote of confidence towards a new member who facilitates a successful, no bullshit transaction. I look forward to sharing a vote of confidence with you all...
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  12. Lackosense

    SOLD Jim Phillips Wombat 8'10 x 22.5 x 2 3/4 $800

    Not crazy about letting this board go, but i've got a line on another proper 11ft glider and need to free up some funds to make it happen. anyway...most of you know this board, has been posted here before. still in excellent condition, minor blemishes from glassing. i've surfed it only 3 times...
  13. Lackosense

    Butt Buddies weekend

    what an amazing weekend with my butt buddy @Tenfooter . Clean waist to chest waves on gliders, arguing with naragansett police and racist white grandmas. sharing waves with the entire family and drinking michiladas...the only thing that would have made this weekend better is you robocop!
  14. Lackosense

    Dennis Ryder Peck Penetrator 10 x 23 3/8 x 3 - $800

    need the cash for this weekend to buy a stand-up jetski! lol $800 Jammers price. To get one shaped by Dennis will run you a minimum of $1400. I had a John Peck Penetrator, and i can honestly say that Dennis shapes them better. Dennis was shaping these boards before John for Morey-Pope. Dennis...
  15. Lackosense

    Looking for assistance in Encinitas

    There is a board in Encinitas i need help getting eyes on, and if everything checks out, dropping it off at the Bing Warehouse. Your help is greatly appreciated and the Universe will return the stoke you have generated by this good deed 10 fold. :)
  16. Lackosense

    WTB Michael Takayama Annihilator

    long shot...but anybody out there holding one between 9'4 - 10ft?
  17. Lackosense

    FS: Vintage 9'4" CON Surfboards CC Rider

    beautiful board in excellent condition for its age...few visible repairs that are professionally done...shaped in 68 by my best estimate. never really thought i'd sell it...but here we are need to move a few boards because work is slow and that stimulus check is MIA. fin system updated by...
  18. Lackosense

    WTB Wingnut Weed SUP fin or Similar

    Hey Jammers, I want to try this type of fin in my Davenport glider. Anyone have a fin like this they are willing to part with.
  19. Lackosense

    WTB: Futures quad set

    looking for a set of fins for this new to me Eric Christenson Millennium Falcon 7'3 x 23 x 3 1/8 AK-4's, canards, or something similar....i'm open to suggestions.