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  1. SeniorGrom

    Broken fin pin.

  2. SeniorGrom

    Favorite Kookisms

    React however you want. Gender is fluid now. Kick his/her ass. No bail required to be released from jail anyway. We’re in the age of ‘equity’.
  3. SeniorGrom

    Source for Surf history and Board information

    Think you are asking about Stoked-n-Board. I was told when visiting the SHACC a few years ago that they had all the reference material/data but had taken the site down. Something about ownership of the information and they hoped to bring it back live at some point.
  4. SeniorGrom

    Paul Gross on 4a’s ([email protected])

    The only thick fins I have ever tried are the ‘glass in’ ABS polypropylene Yater template ones in so many longboards at the end of that era. I assume there is some advantage but what this entire discussion means is that like 99.9% of all surfers are using less optimal fins. Crazy huh?
  5. SeniorGrom

    Surf spots with history

    Two friends from NJ went to school there then. I flew out and slept on their dorm room floor surfing some of those breaks for a week. Waking up early checking the surf from a bathroom window.
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    My Second Bone Marrow Transplant

    Thanks for the update Howard. Go get ‘em my brother!
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    shapers shaping

    Knowing geometry is a start. Using your hands and eyes to create functional works of art could take awhile, but worth the exploration.
  8. SeniorGrom

    Seeking info on my Jacobs 422

    I did several repairs when the first Mike owned it. Glassed heavy with 10oz cloth too. I’m glad it’s being surfed and enjoyed.
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    COVID-19 Who had/has it?

    Brother-in-Law & Sister-in-Law + Niece & Nephew had it last Spring in Bergen County NJ and Rockland Cty NY. Older ones had it worse but all recovered fine. My wife and I received Pfizer vaccine #1 last week at the Atlantic City Mega Site run by National Guard + FEMA. So far so good.
  10. SeniorGrom

    Skin cancer and health care coverage...

    It’s so complicated that you almost have to be in the industry to know the specifics. First order of business is you ‘must’ apply for medicare parts A&B 90 days before you turn 65. I’ll be helping my wife apply end of April. From there you have the option of purchasing additional coverage...
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    Any Bing experts?

    Looks genuine to me also. Most likely before ‘66 with that D fin. The ghost lam logos definitely happened in the 60’s too. There are plenty of examples by Noll, Weber, and Bing in that era. I’m thinking Matt C was just giving a nod to the past incorporating it on his boards. Asking too much...
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    Bonzer Egg question

    I have an 8’2. It’s my go to board for bigger steeper beach break waves here on the East Coast. I’m thinking the members out there are giving you good advice.
  13. SeniorGrom

    Used board market discussion

    Agree. If you believe surfboard ‘trading’ is some sort of lucrative investment path to early retirement, think again. Or a side hustle complimenting your day job, what a joke. The rental idea makes a lot of sense. Of course you have to be a surfer and ride waves frequently not just sit at...
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    Official Surf Art Thread-post your creativity

    Dingpatch skatedeck with Local artist Mark Quinnette painting. And of course our own Smokey wire & wood wall surfer.
  15. SeniorGrom

    Valuations - frye

    Yes price it super high. That way the worst that can happen is lots of Jamboarders will call you a ‘crackhead’ and you’ll have a fat wallet. The new owner can post it on IG every Friday too. Win-Win!
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    Rad Longboarding in okay surf- a How To video

    Kid can surf. Glad he went right on a couple.
  17. SeniorGrom

    Videos of good hull surfing

    Profound? Maybe for some, surfboards are just for transportation. Getting from one GPS coordinate to another on the surface of water?
  18. SeniorGrom

    New Member - Introductions...

    Welcome Cole. I see a bit of a gap at the longer end of the quiver. Not a problem though, the years and decades that go by, will fill it in. Enjoy! :)
  19. SeniorGrom

    WTB Jim Phillips Power Drive Fin for Magic Ham Delux

    JP is big on the Miss Lucy template for many of his shapes. Looks like one.
  20. SeniorGrom

    Feeling out interest in splitting an Andrew Warhurst order

    His models look excellent on the website. Did the same with a member here splitting shipping on our order from Pieter in Newcastle. Flawless experience. I hope it comes together.