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    Just a random WTB Thread Treasure hunt: Spoon, Fish Kneeboard, Rubber ducky!

    Randomly putting it out there always searching for these... looking for used, I know fantastic acid makes a killer spoon but damn $$$, What is above is what I'm hunting :)
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    Larry Mabile 5'8 Fishy

    5'8 Larry Mabile Fish, speaks for itself a rider to be enjoyed but no major wounds or repairs. 450$ no trades please!
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    Driving from San Diego Thursday evening to Hollister Hills CA 4/28 and returning 5/1!

    Above, will be leaving San Diego afternoon around 4pm, probably sleep half way, Route prob take the 5 north then one of the state highways to cut across to the 101 somewhere above the 46. Will be transported inside my van, and can transport up to 8ft of board maybe 2 boards? Just looking for...
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    Ocean Beach FishFry Picture Dump/Summary!

    Ok TheOBFishFry was held this past Saturday 4/2/2022 by myself and my buddy, I woke up to drizzling rain and got super nervous that would hurt our turn out. Arrived at location around 7am to start setting up and quickly once the clock hit 8 we had people bringing stuff and local guys seeing us...
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    WTB speed dialer fins futures!

    sorry yall, title says it all, willing to pay postal thanks!
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    Fish Fry/AnythingButThree: Ocean Beach San Diego *EVENT TOMORROW*

    Fish Fry/Anything But Three: I’ll be using this thread to organize and disperse some information for this gathering… Location: Dog Beach in Ocean Beach, San Diego. In the grassy area near the beach. Time: 8am-Noon Details: Fish Fry/Anything But Three: Think car show but for surfboards...
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    Any Graphic Designers? Fish Fry

    My buddy and I have been working on putting together a Fish Fry in San Diego and want to put together a fish fry/AB3 show and looking for some help with making a pretty simple flyer, below is something along the lines of what we were thinking. If interested Dm me thanks guys.
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    WTB Rich Pavel Speedialer/Fish

    Pretty much listed above looking for a older Choice Era preferred with Toby's signature, Interested in most lengths let me know :) In San Diego but could be down for a drive for the right board.
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    TRAIN: Driving from Ocean Beach San Diego-> Santa Barbara

    Driving up there possibly on sunday to pick up a board, any have anything they've been eyeing and would like to chip in for gas monies? DM Me
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    FS/FT Rich Pavel 5 fin Bonzer 6'8

    Bought this Rich Toby Pavel 5 Fin Bonzer like two months ago from TheBoardsource, surfed it 3 times, and I need pumping surf for it to work... I'm 215lbs so probably a lil low on foam for me, but I did however catch some crazy ones with it. If it was 3' thick it would be a forever board. Board...
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    A SoCal Fish Fry?

    Saw an old T-shirt in the Shed OB the other day and had heard of these, where everyone brings boards, outlines taken people allowed to take out and demo shapes etc, do these still happen in any sorts in the Socal area? I can imagine with covid none have taken place recently but would be cool for...
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    Original Bob Simmons Balsa on CL... 18,000$ WTF?

    Attached is something interesting, seller states that its an original Bob Simmons Balsa Scarfed Spoon model... Has a couple generic typed letters. I personally would need a little bit more assurance to the validity of the claim and board if I could ever afford something of that nature...
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    Hey guys I'm looking to buy a Steve Lis fish, pretty much open to any size, I also frequently kneeboard. Board will be actually ridden but also cared for. Cash in for a reasonable offer and will travel. -Thanks