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    For sale NYC/NJ

    Sick one, a bit too small for me tho, thanks
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    For sale NYC/NJ

    Any dims on the FTL?
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    4th Gear Flyer Surf Mats - $250 ea

    My loss, only had interest in the fatty, thanks though, good luck
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    4th Gear Flyer Surf Mats - $250 ea

    I'll take the fatty if available, sending a dm
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    F/T thick lizzy 7’10 full polish rice paper inlay glass on bonzer 3

    This was the from original owner
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    F/T thick lizzy 7’10 full polish rice paper inlay glass on bonzer 3

    Can't find your pm/convo section. I picked up a Burch/pendoflex mashup on here if that's of interest
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    Craigslist Deals- East Coast

    Certainly enough people on here w wtb vaqueros and wtb edge
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    Craigslist Deals- East Coast Deal idk maybe
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    Craigslist Deals- East Coast

    its a few blocks over from me if you need me
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    Edge Boards bit of chatter on the subject here
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    Show me your racks!

    any tips for outdoor racks?
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    SOLD: Ryan Burch Fish, New York

    Fack another time of being too slow!!! You got some beauts
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    SOLD: Ryan Burch Squit, New York

    Damn that went fast, sick board. Whoever got it if you ever decide to sell give a shout
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    I'll take
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    EPS repair recommendations in and near NYC.

    I was going to reco a friend that works for paul who repaired my microlight asq I got from you. Once he gets me back my thruster I'll prob hand back the asq to fix a snackle on the rail.
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    4th gear flyer mat

    Interested +shipping to NY if you want to see if somebody local bites
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    The red ea futures have a foiled inside or is it flat? If foiled I'll take
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    Sciatic relief tips?

    Re foundation training, just requested the books from the library, do you do the streaming service or go to a trainer?
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    Sciatic relief tips?

    Were about the same age, I've struggled the last few years. If you're into believing that it's all in your head check out Sarno's books on the matter. Definitely changed the way I look at some things. That being said for me the biggest help is daily exercise and stretching. Nothing mega but...
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    Small Surf, Large Surf

    My step up for many years was a 6'4 egg w a single fin or 2+1 setup