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  1. chris a

    What is your favorite logo?

  2. chris a

    Use your sunscreen! Melanoma is serious.

    Man, my Dermatologist likes me so much I have to go four times a year to get $hit cut out of me and pay his daughter’s tuition at USC. It’s been with every minute of it. Wear sunscreen.
  3. chris a

    Boats for chasing waves..

    That Wilson is sweet.
  4. chris a

    Tragedy at sea

    This one hurts. While I’ve never never been on Conception, I’ve been on many San Francisco, Half Moon Bay, Santa Barbara, Ventura, Long Beach, Dana Point, San Diego charter fishing and dive boats. Many of these boats have been operating for decades and are anchors of their coastal communities...
  5. chris a

    And it gets worse...

    Don’t blame the Chinese, Wavestorm, or AGIT global is based in Irvine, CA the commercial center for lots of big money surf brands. It’s a big business right or wrong. I’m guessing they make the...
  6. chris a

    Water Container... Yea or Nay

    I just use a few old laundry detergent plastic bottles. They are thick so they keep my rinse off water warm in winter. The Water doesn’t taste too good admittedly but I’m done with having more kids so it doesn’t matter.
  7. chris a

    SUP foiling in Lahaina

    I’m a so so surfer and sailor. Over in the sailing world, foils have been THE advancement in last ten years or so. Never foiled in a boat but would love too. Not too long ago US Olympian and general sailing legend Bora Gulari was racing a foiling catamaran class Nacra 16. He’s boat capsized...
  8. chris a

    Lefts in Santa Cruz area

    Just got back from Manresa camping and besides Whitey clearing the beach on Monday its a fun country SC spot left and rights no crowds. In town its mostly rights but as a screw foot (thanks Uncle Ten Toes Ed) i neva felt i was going backside. Check Davenpoint and countyline north of the town...
  9. chris a

    Fin For Cooperfish Device

    Let me save you like 3 steps and a 2 months of time. Sell the board. By the board that turns for you. No lost water time.
  10. chris a

    You never know when...

    Per Don's comment. I had the roundabout priveledge to meet and surf with Ed a few times thru others on this board. I said it 10 years ago that he was one the best surfers on the left coast but without the drama or ego. All of that in Santa Cruz which is full of both. He was even an better...
  11. chris a

    Foils, yes no?

    I surf and sail. Over in the sailing world, foiling boats have been marching forward for a while. A Standard keelboat pushes say 5 kts. Shopping cart slow. catamarans pushed speeds into the teens as did the ULDB surfing monohulls did in the '80s and now foiling boats much higher.... but for...
  12. chris a

    The Orange Peel

    This is a solution looking for a problem.
  13. chris a

    longboard skateboard to improve surfing?

    Has longboard skating improved my surfing? Why, yes, yes, sir it has! I now know how to go over the falls onto concrete much, much better than before. Tweety bird and I are now good friends too and i would suggest is my animal spirit. Much respect to the skaters.
  14. chris a

    Vintage Rick and Hansen for sale

    Bump for some great boards! Peeps, Stef doesnt buy, ride or sell crap boards. Off the Radar as ive been surfing the pilar point jetty, stef and tom, between the storms and LM rockfest surf. Tom check your email for boat update.
  15. chris a

    Tyler , Cooper's, Vintage Hansen FOR SALE - Oh my....

    Noooooo! To everyone, Stef only has the good shit and probably better than she describes. Wish that 777 was my size as its the bomb
  16. chris a

    The truth about surfmats?

    Thanks, Tony and M.
  17. chris a

    The truth about surfmats?

    A couple a summers ago my family and i were hanging poolside on a vacation minding our own business. There was one of those purple, $2 dollar vinyl, blow up pool style mats abandoned along the fence by no doubt some similarily cheap ass vacationer like myself. For shits & giggles i saved it...
  18. chris a

    Hawaii - Newbie advice for a friend

    My california view on How to enjoy HI: - Ohana is most important. as it should be - show respect in the line up, Especially visiting Haole kine. Respect gets respect. - bring food gifts. Asian/hawaiian thing. - you need a truck to get respect in HI - enjoy the surf
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    marriage material, icecream.
  20. chris a

    Eye candy

    sonOsea wrote: Yes it is. Don't wait.