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  1. Macilious

    4A swap?

    Not what you are looking for, but it might be a plan B... I'm totally a FIN-thousiast as well and I like funky fins and color schemes. Have you seen the fins that @michael has been painting? Maybe get funky with it. Paint it whatever color you want or do some design. Michael is a super...
  2. Macilious

    Longboarder needs new "occasional board," without much learning curve, that paddles well, for rougher/bigger conditions.

    Ditto Dave... My "bigger wave" board is a 9'4" shaped EPS 5 fin Bonzer E-wing.
  3. Macilious

    EPS Noseriders

    I got a 9' Walden shaped EPS years before the MEGA line launched but pretty similar dims. It's a great nose rider. I credit my self as the Mega test pilot even if the courts prohibit me from saying it. I also had a 10' pop out Infinity Rad nose rider that I put a turbo tunnel fin in (this was...
  4. Macilious

    Bruce Fowler V8 Lean Machine

    Hey Kyle... I wrote the below awhile ago, but it still holds true. I only thing I would add is that I tested it out as a quad and it was too fast.... in the words of John Candy "SUCK MY WAKE is too much boat.." First of all fins are totally subjective. I like smaller fins that give me a...
  5. Macilious

    New Member "Hello"

  6. Macilious

    Web cams: hate them or love them?

    Good point, can't be far off. I'm there are people using drones to determine where they paddle out.
  7. Macilious

    Web cams: hate them or love them?

    Cams for me and not for thee... I use the cams and like watching places I will never surf or mind surfing when I can't get out of the office. Not that you asked, but I think the breaks are more crowded due to: COVID/WFH/disposal wealth - people have more time Cheap boards - less of a...
  8. Macilious

    So how many surfboards are too many surfboards?

    One is one too many, one more is never enough. - Kenny Chesney
  9. Macilious

    Favorite islands in the Caribbean?

    I have had some fun in Tortola. Nice Island, decent amount of things to do and crime isn't bad. There are a lot of nooks to explore and all ones that you know by heart. Meals at the Sugar Mill are amazing. Bomba shack is fun. Myett's is full Jimmy Buffet vibe and bunch of others. Heard...
  10. Macilious

    Post Surf Meal?

    100 beers.....
  11. Macilious

    Well, my Wayne Rich Wild Card 3 was shaped today.

    Interested to see how that works. Imma guess that Wayne has it wired pretty tight and that fin will rock. This is the fin I use... but may try the WR fin...
  12. Macilious

    Well, my Wayne Rich Wild Card 3 was shaped today.

    "Happy accidents"... board looks great and I bet it'll be a blast. I know you were really excited for the squared squash tail, it's a testament to your character and positive attitude that you can pivot. Now find yourself a nice big fin so you can whip that thing around. I have a COS moon...
  13. Macilious

    New Hampshire surf trip

    WHY?!!? And that's a serious question. Novelty? Bucket list?
  14. Macilious

    Balance Boards. Beneficial or bogus?

    I got one of these in Newport in the late 90's and still have it. It was the original design made by a guy in Newport. At the time I was there he had given out about 20k stickers, so they were everywhere. It was the first board that would allow you go front to back and heel to heel. In short...
  15. Macilious

    Made my own surf hat

    I haven't worn a hat to surf but this always seemed like a good idea to me.... Combo rash guard/hat...
  16. Macilious

    My Second Bone Marrow Transplant

    Howard Glad to hear you are doing well. All the best my friend. Mac
  17. Macilious

    Fall 2021 Beach House Boardswap NJ

    GREAT IDEA - we should all camp out the night before, build a bonfire, get a keg and sing songs all night! The town of Bayhead loves stuff like that! WHAT TOWN DOESN"T?!?!?!
  18. Macilious

    1967/68 - 9'8 Hansen Super Light

    Louis CK is ROCKS! Give him my best!
  19. Macilious

    Early (pre logo) 10' 1" Con Ugly circa late 1966 all dings repaired and water tight $850

    Follow up - I met up with Hank at his home. Got a tour of his impressive collection and had a great couple hours with him. I have been looking for CON UGLY for a long time, the shape just speaks to me. I finally got the board out this past weekend in some less than stellar surf. Board has...
  20. Macilious

    Not-so-mini simmons?

    I always liked the looks of those Forstalls....