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  1. jbb

    Mr. Christmas

    My dear friend and our brother of the sea, Chuck K. passed away unexpectedly on Jan 23rd. He was the real deal; a lifelong San Diego surfer and a surfboard design connoisseur. Saltwater pulsed through his veins. Irascible and astutely wise, luckily for me, we became friends a couple of years...
  2. jbb

    Pieter Surfboards *** SIZZLE ***

    Heads up if you're in the Southern California area and have had your interest piqued from posts here on Jam and on Insta concerning Pieter Surfboards.
  3. jbb

    Bob Simmons History He was a compelling figure.
  4. jbb

    Fin Snaps !!

    Anyone ever experience this? Recently, picked up a sweet used twinzer from a good friend. It came with fins. First paddle out in 2 ft surf (sand bottom) and two of the fins snapped off at base. One from each side and one of each size. Not sure how old the board/fins are but I assume 5-6 years...
  5. jbb


    Anyone in San Diego want a 7 year old Costco Wavestorm? 8'6" Free. You have to come pick it up. No leash. Bought for my son. There's no interest there. Cant stand the sight of it in my backyard. Only condition --> this is a backroom deal. Recipient remains anonymous. DM only. I'll only reply...
  6. jbb

    Board Train Help - San Diego to Santa Cruz * Delivery Dec 10-15th

    Hello Jam Family, Anybody traveling from San Diego to Santa Cruz in the next week. I've got a mid length EC that is packed in a day bag and ready to go if anyone is on the move between San Diego and Santa Cruz. The gent that is picking up the board will be in Santa Cruz Dec 10th - 15th. Thank you.
  7. jbb

    Stole The Movie

    Slim Pickens as Cowboy in Peckinpah's The Getaway w Steve McQueen and Ali MacGraw. Check it out - do you agree?
  8. jbb

    9.4" Michael Miller Eagle FS

    Triple Stringer - dark wood, 1/16" wide outside stringers so almost look like pinlines Single fin (box, fin not included) Clear polish Deck- Single layer volan w S cloth deck patch Bottom - single layer volan w S cloth fin patch (Yes, volan cloth but didn't overdo it. Wanted the laps to pop...
  9. jbb

    Nat Young (OG)

    Randomly ran into Nat Young at a San Clemente surf shop last week. I was surprised at how stoked I was by the experience. Probably because I've watched him rip in many '60's surf flicks but especailly the final segment in Hot Generation (watched at least 50 times) where he and McTavish shred...
  10. jbb

    Kids Needing Surfboards

    Hey Jammers I’m reaching out to the local San Diego / Orange County surfing community to appeal for assistance on behalf of a good cause. My kid’s high school (Scripps Ranch High School) just launched a club focused solely on recycling unwanted surfboards and then donating them to...
  11. jbb

    Michael Miller Surfboards

    Michael Miller has an excellent reputation for his glassing expertise but, he also shapes boards. He offered to build a demo board for us to try. Attached is a shot of the 9.6 blank that he made for this purpose, last week. This is his version of the fishsimmons model developed by Frye. He...
  12. jbb

    Who is Your Favorite Surf Hipster???
  13. jbb

    ...screen names...

    I've oftened wondered where many of you got your inspiration for your screen names. Hopefully, some of you are as curious as I am and offer an explanation. jeanblacknblue is a reference to Jean Genet's play, "The Blacks" Oh, and to keep it surfing related, I got my first surfboard when I was...