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    Surf spots with history

    Duke Kahanamoku first wave outside of Hawaii was in NJ. When Duke won the US Natwo also he was chosen for the US swim team for the Olympic Games in Swede. The People of Hawaii raised money to send Duke to Philadelphia to train for the Olympics. there was a heated swimming pool in...
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    RIP Phil Becker

    Phil Becker and Terry Martin Mght have shaped more boards by hand then any other shaper.
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    My Second Bone Marrow Transplant

    Wishing you the best. Sounds like you will be in good hands. Still keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
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    Good wave board for SD

    That Board has well over head Blacks in its sights.
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    Good wave board for SD

    A Bonzer egg shape. Gary Handel makes some really nice Bonzers.
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    COVID-19 Who had/has it?

    Just got my second shot. Thanks to the VA Health Systemthe other Perot also. My wife has been up at 6 am for four weeks. Only to get in a queue only to get a message that the dates were filled. She finally got on the list Friday got a call monday that ther was an opening for this Wednesday...
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    CJ Nelson Outlier reviews?

    Have not heard much about the Harley Ingalby Moe, another thunderbolt red mid size board. The Vidio clips make that board look really sweet. Nice long carving cutback. Bouncing off the Top turns and nice refined rail turns. Looks like a very playful board. It would be nice to have comparisons...
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    Skin cancer and health care coverage...

    Are you US citizen, or French? When I was living in a Ski town there were a lot of foreign Ski Instructors. When it came to insurance most had Coverage by their home country. Some paid a small amount for a policy to cover their stay in the US.
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    CJ Nelson Outlier reviews?

    Nice review.
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    Official Surf Art Thread-post your creativity

    I could but you will have to fly me to what ever tropical break that you love to surf. I need time for photos and studies done. Might take at least a month.
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    Official Surf Art Thread-post your creativity

    The above painting are my work. The Point wave painting is 20”x24 the wave painting is 18”x 36” shot these with my IPad. Hence the poor qualy and not getting them loaded sideways.
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    What fin would you put in this black rose egg?

    Back in the 70s we were were useing 6” to maybe 7.5” fins with no problems. Full lay it over on the rail bottom turns. The round pin with wings will hold. my suggestion of 6” was for smallish weaker surf. For waves larger go with 7 to 7.5 that will give you hold on steep walled up waves...
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    Surf prescriptions TUR-TWIN PIN

    If you like those fins I suggest you look up Hanalei fins / Gearbox. Robin Mair makes some really great fins. All his designs are well thought out and tested. They just work. His primary focus is on quad fin set ups. But has all sorts of Fins. Twin fins keels and Center fins.
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    What fin would you put in this black rose egg?

    Very sweet looking ride. Ricky Carroll and Justin Quintal are desinging and Building some very excellent boards. went to the Black Rose web page and found your board. slightly rolled nose into a flat in double conclaves running out the back. The double Concave. Made me think of a Bonzer...
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    Shaper thread (show us what you are shaping)

    Ace in San Diego has a center keel fin that he has been working on for a long time. He uses it in his hilly Gully Shapes. People seem to love that shape and fin. That BFDE in a 4 plus one would be an excellent candidate for testing a wide range of fins and combinations of different fins..
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    Christenson Huntsman ride report

    You have a point, but remember that they have on very thick wetsuits. But yeah that double hump was lame. Stray mangy Dogs have done better humps.
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    pop outs and china boards and the jam support?

    Hank no longer is doing Hanson’s Boards. CraigHollingsworth now does all the Hansons, He also has a license for Lighting Bolt and Plastic Fantastic.
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    pop outs and china boards and the jam support?

    Then again to speed things up those shapers just might have someone else do all the fine tuning. I know of a few that do that. Some have signed “Hand Shaped by Big Name Shaper “ Then it is off to the Glass shop. It is just a new and improved version of the Ghost Shaper.