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  1. Freddibetts

    Rider Vs Paddler

    Rider takes a wave in from the corner jetty to the middle inside of the beach -gets taken out by white water and knocked from the board. Paddler paddles from the middle inside and gets hit by the board Paddlers ribs get broken Rider apologizes and asks how Paddlers doing - gets ignored and...
  2. Freddibetts

    Mini Glider Thread

    Did some searching and have seen them discussed but only in passing. Been suuuper stoked on my reg size glider (11ft hall eagle) , the full rail engagement = warp speed down the line which is making curious about mini gliders (8ft thick lizzy is described as a mini glider , but doesnt feel like...
  3. Freddibetts

    Celebrity's They Are Just Like Us

    Fanno on a 70s style single fin Looks like it could be any one of us out there on it (granted its his first go out on it)
  4. Freddibetts

    2 boards for sale - mayo and surf rx

    7ft mayo Tug $400 super fun slider - paddles like a LB and turns like a shorty 6’4 surf rx retro single fin $550 w fin one rail glass snackle water tight. OBO - need to make some space or would really be keeping both. located Brooklyn NY
  5. Freddibetts

    15 minutes of fame

    schroff is having a moment (other than chainsawing a slater board), obviously the pros can make anything look good. Just curious if anyone has ridden his boards and has anything to report on them ...
  6. Freddibetts

    Please Sir

    Im curious about some of the finer things in life After seeing the ridiculous prices that skips are flipping for After some digging - you need to know someone who knows someone to get on skips list Can anyone help a jammer out - hooking me up w piggybacking an order card for a new skip...
  7. Freddibetts

    Best Finless Surf Videos

  8. Freddibetts


  9. Freddibetts

    XXXX High and Clean

    Not referring to anyone specifically here or anywhere else, but when describing how well a board works , or doesn't work i always have a hard time grasping the concept of : "this board really lights up i xxxx high clean surf " What board doesn't work well in nice waves ?
  10. Freddibetts

    Edge vs Edge vs Edge vs Edge

    Different paths leading to the same destination ? Andreini Furrow Anderson Ericsson I love my Andreini Vaquero 8"0 Edge Curious as to other shapers take on the style Has anyone tried and compared ?
  11. Freddibetts

    wrong section - ignore

  12. Freddibetts

    Corona Time

    Who is out of work and what do you do ? Is your local beach shutdown ? Do you have a plan B ?
  13. Freddibetts

    Checkout a Board In Norfolk For Me ?

    Please lmk if your avail to get some eye on it?
  14. Freddibetts

    Roof racks shoutout

    purchased lockracks on cyber monday specifically bc 11ft glider doesnt fit in my car. Pleasantly suprised. Super stable at 80mph. Easy on and off. Keeps board locked so now worries of petty theft. Just thought id share bc its super helpful to me. This is not a paid advertisement.
  15. Freddibetts

    Larry Mayo Tug 7ft - F/Sale

    larry mayo tug 7ft Glass in marine ply gepps. Simmons style. Sealed dings on the side of nose and rail (maybe few more). Water tights. Ready to rock. Lotta fun times on this board. Paddles like a longboard. Turns like a shorty. Find myself reaching for other boards in the quiv and not much...
  16. Freddibetts

    Pre Or Post Coffee

    Wetsuit season is upon us and the thicker they get the harder they are to remove (is what i find atleast). Due to being chained to a desk during the work week im stuck doing DP as my only option and need that caffeine kick to get the cogs turning in the early AM. Being stuck in a suit with the...
  17. Freddibetts

    Shorts in the winter- East Coast
  18. Freddibetts

    Free Wetsuit - clearout - SOLD

    Im clearing out all my old Wetsuit gear. Most of its not worn to bad. Some rips etc... that can be patched up. The deal is i gota unload it in one shot: Xcel 5.4 zip back large mens Womens synergy size W2 new Oniel 2 mil size 12 reef boots Rip curl large gloves 4 mil Rip curl 3 mil flash bomb...
  19. Freddibetts

    Endless Black Hole Abyss

    How many boards in the quiv ? i suppose im a grom with 12 compared to some on here Guys with 50+ boards , do you ever feel satisfied or is there always that black hole to fill ? Where do you store them and how do you pay for them ? asking for a friend.
  20. Freddibetts

    Long Island Wave Pool Summertime flatspell solution ?

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