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  1. OneLove

    2020 Holiday Raffle - Custom Glider/Longboard

    I'm in, venmo sent... thanks Johnny!
  2. OneLove

    Stringer Delam

    +1 for @grassroots Chris did a great job on one of my boards several years back
  3. OneLove

    (SOLD)For sale or trade: 8-6 Fowler nvm

    Sold... thanks @jonbiz Enjoy!
  4. OneLove

    (SOLD)For sale or trade: 8-6 Fowler nvm

    Impulse buy of a board Bruce had in stock as I was already having a box shipped with my custom V8. Love the V8 and my 7-0 nvm might be one of my favorite boards ever. Sadly, I'm not connecting with this board at this length. Board is in pristine condition. Beautiful and premium build with...
  5. OneLove

    Show us yer Glider!

    10'6 twin for the win
  6. OneLove

    Eastcoasters - how many of you have a board that needs transport up or down the coast

    My last trip back from RI to NC we went 95 south, jersey turnpike, then over thru Del/MD/Chesapeake Bay bridge tunnel to VA beach/Norfolk then back out to 95 and 40 to Wilmington. Adds some mileage, but avoids the traffic nightmare of DC/Baltimore and areas north and south of there. Plus you'd...
  7. OneLove

    Stoker V machine - Fowler or Anderson?

    Woohoo! Can't wait Bruce!
  8. OneLove

    True Ames 2.6” single tab fcs (smoke)

    Sold, that was quick... thanks Bighouse!
  9. OneLove

    True Ames 2.6” single tab fcs (smoke)

    Got these from Patrick, used them twice, didn't quite jive with the board so I'm putting these back up for sale. Hit me up if interested.
  10. OneLove

    Careers and Surfing

    Hydrogeologist for the last 24 years. Wife is a teacher. Not getting rich, but we both value the environment and education so we're doing our small part to leave the world a better place for the next generation. Took awhile to get jobs near the beach... been here for 17 years now. Surf before...
  11. OneLove

    Just Board Pics

    Wasn't too good to be true! craigslist score.... 7-6 Josh Hall fish simmons. Nice to meet ya and thanks again Rob (if you see this) Maybe some tropical juice for a test ride this weekend?!
  12. OneLove

    Craigslist Deals- East Coast

    Ha! Don’t think seller is a jammer but I’ll ask him, sounds like a nice guy and he kindly agreed to hold it for me until I get back home (I’m currently out of town for the weekend in the mountains dodging the holiday beach madness). He said lots of others in line behind me, but I assured him...
  13. OneLove

    Craigslist Deals- East Coast

    Hopefully picking up that Josh Hall soon... stoked!! ...don’t tell the wife
  14. OneLove

    How was your surf today?....share your stoke!

    Thanks John! Truly is a magical place. Many memories dating back to the mid-eighties when I got to tag along with a friend who's parents were big windsurfers... they'd drop us off at the lighthouse for the day on their way to Canadian hole. College fall break trips, quick missions for waves...
  15. OneLove

    How was your surf today?....share your stoke!

    Trip up the road to my favorite place last weekend...the Outer Banks. Nothing like driving on the beach and sharing some small waves with my boys on Father's Day on a reeling sandbar with barely another soul in sight
  16. OneLove

    Longboard bike rack or trailer. Show us what you got

    Similar setup on my 250. Carver rack... don't trust the bungees so I add a cam strap. Fine at 55+ mph with a mid-length or shorter... never tried it with a longboard. Can be a little sketchy on windy days so I wouldn't want to do a long road trip or anything, but a fun way to get around...
  17. OneLove

    True Ames 2.6” single tab fcs (smoke)

    I'll take 'em! sending pm. Nice ad/floral arrangement too
  18. OneLove

    Stoker V machine - Fowler or Anderson?

    Just saw that on insta too, time to free my V8 from quarantine limbo!! woohoo!
  19. OneLove

    Tell me about sailing.

    Hey Neighbor… I’m a mile from Trails End too. I picked up a Hobie Holder 12 about three years ago that’s a lot of fun. Never put it in at Trails End though… I suck at sailing and couldn’t quite mentally plan a launch and maneuver out to the waterway from there. Especially on a busy day, which...

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