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  1. OneLove

    (SOLD)For sale or trade: 8-6 Fowler nvm

    Impulse buy of a board Bruce had in stock as I was already having a box shipped with my custom V8. Love the V8 and my 7-0 nvm might be one of my favorite boards ever. Sadly, I'm not connecting with this board at this length. Board is in pristine condition. Beautiful and premium build with...
  2. OneLove

    For those of you that count, how’d you do last year?

    I used to keep a surf log with more details of my sessions, now it’s just a quick “S” or a smiley face jotted in my calendar on the days I got a surf in… I managed 174 days last year. Granted some were only a quickie lunch break session with crappy waves, but it’s still a day with time in the...
  3. OneLove

    Fowler V8, Andreini McVee, others?

    Thinking of possibilities for the next board. Ride reports, opinions, lengths, pictures, etc. on these two or other similar boards/shapers welcome!
  4. OneLove

    Wanted... Infinity RNR, takayama dt-2 or ITP/opihi.

    Looking for riders, no cares on looks, just water tight and no delam. 9-6+
  5. OneLove

    Greyhound shipping

    Anyone use greyhound to ship a board lately? I used it several years ago and it was cheap and easy. Wondering if anything has changed. Looking to get a board West to East and Amtrak is 2 plus hours away. Cheers
  6. OneLove

    7'-8" Anderson Fader... price drop

    7'-8" Anderson Fader I’ll probably regret letting this go, but it’s just not getting the use I thought it would. I always seem to grab something shorter or longer, so it’s only had 6 or 7 sessions on it. Perfect condition if it weren’t for one tiny scratch (see last pic). These pictures are...
  7. OneLove

    ever start to post one of your boards for sale...

    ...then as soon as you describe it and look at your pics of the board, it's like... forget that, I'm keeping you for another day. Or you take it for "one last spin" before selling or trading it in and she goes right back on your racks. sigh, I'll clean up the quiver someday
  8. OneLove

    trade: my 9.75 Greenough 4-A for your 8.5" fin

    Looking for a 8.5" Greenough 4A or a Skip Frye 8.5" Here's a pic of my 9.75 It was only used a few times in a board I no longer have. 9.5/10 condition Cheers
  9. OneLove

    fins for sale

    7 inch Greenough 4a no screw/plate, gently used 9.25 inch True Ames Yater Rudder used, some scratches & wear on tip 8 inch FCS fluid foil Cutaway no screw/plate, new never used $30 each, plus 5 shipping. paypal works for me. send me a pm Cheers
  10. OneLove


    Seen a few of these on the interwebs, weird but got me curious. por ejemplo... thoughts?
  11. OneLove

    WTB: single DaFin size large

    Lost one Dafin while bodysurfing (aka getting pounded) in surf from hurricane Joaquin this weekend. Anybody got a single, size large sitting around?
  12. OneLove

    need some cheap FCS fins for son's board

    Got a free fix 'er upper board that had had a really bad day on the highway. Replacing four fcs plugs and a whole bunch of dings. Going to be my son's this summer when he is ready to try something other that the soft top. Anybody have some extra FCS fins laying around they want to sell?

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