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    Board sizing

    Wondering what considerations other people use when sizing Longboards? I’ve usually used 9’0 as a size for the East Coast beach breaks I surf, occasionally I’ll go up in size it it is a board more focused for the really small stuff we have I was thinking that as I’ve gotten older (62) I should...
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    Nice Austin for sale

    Not mine if it was a bit longer I would have snagged it 9’0” very good condition nice heavy log built strong $675 At Outer Banks Boarding Company in Nags Head, call and talk to Lynn Shell
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    OBX access restricted If you were thinking about going to OBX during this time
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    Takayama longboards

    I wa looking at 2 different Taks for east coast beach break mostly in OBX Anyone has experience with bothe In the pink models and DT2 My goals is a good utility LB for some of the mellower stuff I’m 60 and weigh about 200 been surfing a longtime I have a good HPLB but wanted something with...
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    Sunova Surfboards experiences ?

    Saw that Sunova is back (don't really know the history, just that Bert Burger is the man behind it, and he was a big part of Firewire in the early days ) Wondering if anyone has first hand experience with the boards, especially the longboards or the Dynamo? I realize this might kick off a big...
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    Fins for classic LBs

    i found a great looking used longboard at a shop yesterday, didn’t really need another board but too good a deal to pass upand board looks like it was ridden twice I have question about fins I have always shied away from a pivot type fin, probably as much on looks as anything I’m trying to...
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    Fins for sale

    clearing out my fin locker Hopefully the pictures come through all are in VG to excellent condition prices include shipping to continental US Greenough 4A 9.75 inch. $ 40 SOLD Guy Takayama Orca 7 inch. $ 40 True Ames Bonzer 7 inch $ 40 Yater 9 inch $ 45 Future 8 inch $ 35 PayPal...
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    Two plus one advice

    Hi looking for a bit of advice from the board on a 2 plus 1 I was riding this weekend in good surf Board is a Vernon treehugger model basically an egg, 7 foot long 21.5 wide and a 15.25 tail. EPS; epoxy. I really like the board it is a quad with a long single box. Had a couple sessions as a...
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    2 Plus 1 fin suggestion

    hi I wanted to hear from those with experience riding 2 plus 1 LBs I just picked up a 9'0 x23 rounded pin low entry rocker but w a bit of tail rocker 14.5 tail looking to figure out what fin might go wel in it. I have a couple cutaways 7.5 and 7 but I like a little more drive than cutaways seem...
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    Fin question

    Looking to try a new/different fin in my 9'4" JP Da Copy Cat - using a 9.75 4A which works pretty good but saw that Larry Allison sells a 9.5" Big Red Paul Gross fin, cut from 3/8" stockDoes anyone have experience with this particular fin? It says it is suited for Magic Sam type boards but I am...
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    American Airlines

    I am booking a trip to Nica in July, I usually use Delta but American has better prices, I was curious about bringing boards. Was is peoples experience using American airlines to handle board bags, I usually bring 2 boards in a bag that weighs about 45 lbs - I just don't want an unpleasant...
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    Thanks Andrew and Shapewright

    After a long wait I finally got a chance to ride my 9'4" DCC, we had an excellent chest to shoulder high day with offshores- perfect conditions to test drive it - This board is exactly what I was hoping for - paddles into waves smoothly, turns and trims easily. When I talked with Andrew I was...
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    Austin Stubbie for sale

    i just picked up a couple new boards and am looking to move a few sticks to make room. Selling a 8'6" Austin Stubbie very fun board has a unique outline(I bought it off original owner) paddles an catches waves like a much longer board ,turns great a coupl dings professionally repaired by Tom...
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    Mini Simms questions

    i was curious if any of the older crew has had any experiences with mini Simms type boards? I was considering getting 1 but think it might be too much of niche type of board. I am 56 surf EC beach breaks - weekend warrior mostly. Was afraid it would gather dust between my LBs and boards for...
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    Which JP model

    I would like to get some input from Jamboarders about choosing a board. I currently have a 9’6” SWT2 from Jim Phillips – I was looking to probably sell it to help fund trying something different and was considering a Da Copy Cat or a Magic Ham after hearing how much people like these 2...

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