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  1. thewoodenspoon

    East coast board train thread

    Anyone bound for RI from/through Brooklyn in the near future? I have a board with kyle that just barely missed the last train. I will happily chip in for gas/food if that sweetens the deal any.
  2. thewoodenspoon

    SoCal Board Train Help

    Hey Jammers, I'm trying to move a board that is currently in San Clemente down to Moonlight Glassing. If anyone can help, shoot me a message and we can work out the details. I'd be happy to reimburse someone for the gas/trouble. Thanks, Ryan
  3. thewoodenspoon

    WTB: Used shortboard

    Hey Jammers, I'm trying to help a buddy in Gloucester locate a used shortboard. He has been hawking craigslist/letgo/offerup for a while and hasn't found what he's looking for. I know that this forum is mostly a market for the more sophisticated shapes, but I also know that many of you have...
  4. thewoodenspoon

    Oregon Jammers--board help

    Any Jammers happen to be near Eugene, Oregon? There's a Craigslist gem sitting out there that I'd love to have shipped to RI. It's a big ask, but let me know if anyone would be willing to help. -ryan
  5. thewoodenspoon

    In search of two boards for an upcoming trip

    Too many options... and all seem good. Thanks for the offers everyone-- I appreciate all the feedback and suggestions. One boards is selected, and I'm weighing the options for the second in the next few days. I think it will come down to the M.Cole, a 6'4" Brewer quad, the 6'6" Doug Haut, and a...
  6. thewoodenspoon

    East coast board train thread

    Awesome-- thank you. Anyone from South Jersey heading up to NY soon?
  7. thewoodenspoon

    In search of two boards for an upcoming trip

    Oh man that thing looks like a gem! Great find.
  8. thewoodenspoon

    East coast board train thread

    Hey everyone-- I'm looking to get a board from Philadelphia to RI before June 21st. Is anyone making the trip north from that area in the next few weeks? I know it's a tough ask on a short timeframe. I can be flexible with the destination-- I'd be happy to meet anywhere between CT and NH. Not...
  9. thewoodenspoon

    In search of two boards for an upcoming trip

    Thanks for all the info and guidance everyone. Definitely going to check in with Kevin. I'd consider a hypto if I can find one that is in my (admittedly tight) budget range. Looking at NYC/Maine craigslist now.
  10. thewoodenspoon

    In search of two boards for an upcoming trip

    Hey Jammers, Perhaps an unconventional post for this forum, but I've been hawking craigslist and I haven't found what I'm looking for there. I'm in search of two conventional shortboards in the 6'3"-6'8" range. Thruster or quad. Something that can withstand a beating from both airlines and...
  11. thewoodenspoon

    Two Mayo Logs

    Hey Jammers, After much deliberation, I’ve decided to let two great Mayos go. As awesome as these boards have been, the search for the holy grail must go on. The first is a 10’0” Larry Mayo Softail. This is the best noserider I’ve ever ridden, especially in small mushy waves. I’ve been amazed...