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    LTB a rack for 2013 Prius

    Looking a buy a rack for a 2013 Toyota Prius. It’s for my son so it doesn’t need to be pretty at all. He’s already getting a free bad ass car.
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    LTB either a performance nose rider or performance longboard

    Someone needs to have one of these collecting dust in there garage.
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    WTB Mitsven Modern Classic

    Does anyone have one there not using??
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    Board train deer park Ny to RI

    Anyone coming to RI from Long Island Ny anytime soon? Thanks
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    Fcs 8’ board bag $50

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    WTB Wayne Rich wild card

    Anyone has a Wayne rich wildcard or other models that they would be willing to part with?
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    LTB: Class C Camper

    Looking for a class C Camper to drive across the country then Cruz down the west coast. It doesn’t need to look pretty but does need to run well. I have 3 kids and an English Bulldog so it needs to sleep 5 altogether. I can’t forget my wife.
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    Free size 10 kids O’Neil wesuit

    Free Psycho 1 kids wetsuit
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    Sold FS Tyler Noserider

    10’ Tyler Noserider for sale $600 it was sold to him for $550 for the grom price. I have about $50 of resin and elbow grease in it. Has some in dings all watertight
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    LTB Howard Mini Special

    Does anyone have one of these laying around not getting any use?
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    Board Train Florida to Northeast

    Anyone coming to the northeast from Florida prior to Christmas?
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    LTB a Midlength

    looking to buy a Midlength between 7’ to 8’5.
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    WTB; Hap Jacob or Ole

    looking to buy either one between 9’0 and 9’8.
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    5’6 Larry Mabile Ghostbuster - $450

    Excellent condition. 5 fin box comes with a thruster set up, FCS 1
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    WTB future side bites

    lookinh to buy 2 sets of glass side bites for 2 longboards.
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    Board train Long Island to RI

    is anyone driving up to Rhode Island from Long Island anytime soon?
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    WTB Takayama DT1

    Still looking to buy a DT1 any size between 8’6 and 9’6. I just missed out on a 9’6 on Long Island.
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    Hap Jacob board train

    Anyone coming to RI from the Newport’s news area anytime soon? Thanks
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    Still looking for a DT1 Takayama

    Still looking for a DT1 either a tommy Maus shaped or Ricky Carroll. I am assuming no one wants to part with a signed Donald shaped board but if you do I will buy. I would prefer between a 9’ and a 9’4. Thanks